Maou-sama, Retry! – 06 – Dinner, Soap and Satanists

Why not dedicate another episode to Maou eating dinner? While the answer to this question should be obvious, Maou-sama, Retry! asks it anyway. The result sees Maou, Luna and Yo celebrating Aku’s ability to walk at a fancy restaurant. Maou even makes Aku a fancy cake and has the waiter bring it to the table as a surprise.

Later, a heavyset woman who wields significant influence amongst the nobility interrupts the meal and Maou introduces her to soap. SOAP. Unfortunately, satanists show up and Maou has to kill the demon they have summoned.

It is all very uneventful really. Dare i say, even more low energy than normal? At least someone got the chance to render a 3D chandelier. I’m not sure why. It’s not a very good looking render but, by God, they put it in there!

Someone also wanted to draw a demon dressed kind of like a clown with a guitar over its shoulder. Again, I’m not sure why as the guitar is not used in this episode. Maybe the guitar serves some purpose in Maou-sama, Retry the manga? (Is there a manga for this?)

Regardless, after loading several skills-as-text onto the screen, Maou beats the devil in a single hit. I found the explosion quite charming. It looked something like fireworks mixed with popcorn popping.

This week’s stand out moments included Luna being weirded out by Maou’s abrupt use of inter-party communication, and the ‘big reveal’ of Soap being his flagship item. I don’t even know what this show is about at the moment. this episode seemed mostly like an excuse to draw cake and have dinner again.

However it wasn’t unwatchable and, as a niche show, down weeks don’t really effect MSR’s score.

2 thoughts on “Maou-sama, Retry! – 06 – Dinner, Soap and Satanists”

  1. I’m with you in that I’m still not sure what the overall point of this show is. Is it just a slice of life, is it an adventure, are they building up to defeating some big-bad? I have no idea as it largely seems to lack direction. That said, I probably enjoyed this episode more than most of the others so far as it didn’t feel like any part of the episode went on too long and the demon explosion at the end was kind of pretty.

  2. That dumb looking looking demon with the Elizabethan ruff and the guitar, that traveling troubadour demon had a name you know. Old Demonwhatsit, errm, umm, what was it again? Anyway he demands respect as one of the dumbest looking demons in anime history, and I’m thinking his creators are high-fiving each other after realizing their vision. Taking Aku out to dinner to celebrate her healing strikes me as a pretty normal thing to do. Maou often seems to be trying to recreate some sort of normality based on what he would do in the old world but the silliness of his current world always drags him into its events.

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