Dr. Stone – Dropped

Dr Stone is a wonderfully silly program that charms me with it’s real-science references and lovably over the top characters. Trouble is, there isn’t much else to say?

Episode 3 brough Yuzuriha back into the picture and forced her and Senku and Taiju to flee from Shishio’s kill-all-adults rampage. Episode 4 brought gun powder into the mix and flashed back to the beginning of Senku’s love for science and friendship with the other two characters. It also introduces another female character (sorta) and cliff hangers with Shishio killing Senku, which obviously isn’t going to happen.

So yeah… it’s a fun show to watch and, if something really interesting happens, I may post about it later in the season. For now, lets all enjoy it for what it is: lovingly silly anime at it’s finest and most silly.

Granbelm – 04 – All them Choices

Nene’s attack is a remote energy-ball-turret, which fires green beams that can be bent to chase targets. It knocks all the mages off guard, at least for a while, but Dark Blue eventually locates Nene’s hiding space and the battle ends in a draw, with the setting of the moon.

Surprisingly, Grandblam’s social landscape quickly changes from that point forward. Kuon confonts Mangetsu and Ernesta, and an alliance of sorts is formed. Meanwhile, Nene discovers the alliance, and avoids being discovered as a mage herself (because talisman)… but later decides to reveal herself (because backstory). Depending on how that cliff hanger shakes out, it could be 4 against Team Fugo next time arround…

Another Granblam, another episode that has all the elements of greatness (flashy style, diverse characters and motivations) that just doesn’t connect at all. Character power seems to rise and fall for the purpose of making a battle exciting for a while. Social alliances seem abrupt and wildly thrown together. Half-explained issues (like Nene’s mother) come off as annoying more than mysterious. In short, the drama and tension do not feel earned.

Given – 03 – Rejection!

In a delicious twist, Sato rejects Uecchi’s offer to join the band. Ue is utterly befuddled, agitated, and turns to google for advice on how to win over someone after they’ve rejected you. This goes about as well as you would expect, and Harkuki and Kaji think it’s hilarious!

Meanwhile, Sato does exactly what he was asked to do and gets himself a part time job working at a music events space. When Uecchi goes to confront him there, everything is interrupted when Sato’s old friends recognize him and STRONG IMPLY the guitar over his shoulder belongs to a dead friend.

Sato is a polite, if not slightly stereotypical take on a person with a spectrum disorder. He can not express himself well and the added trauma of death makes him aware that something is wrong. He doesn’t even realize he is already expressing himself, and that Ue is rocked by that expression down to the core.

Alone on the street, Ue grabs Sato and shouts that he wants to hear him sing. Ue needs to hear him sing and Sato agrees. Unseen, Kaiji has heard their exchange and knows their band is in for something special…

Another episode of Given is another episode possibly a hair short of Masterpiece level work. From framing, to color, to writing and emotional candor, if it connected with you before, it will do it again. Why on earth are you not watching it already?