Maou-sama, Retry! – 03 – Killer Queen

The Gist: Luna bonds over a bath with Aku and Maou-sama manipulates a local merchant to buy a worthless piece of pottery for 1 giant gold coin. Meanwhile, satanists are plotting something and Luna’s older and more badass sister arrives in town.

Bad Sister doesn’t believe the Demon Lord exists but she sure as hell doesn’t think highly enough of Luna to let her go attack him on her own. Lots of swearing and a fight with the Satanists ensue. Maou sort of gets dragged into the fight but incapacitated in the process, which forces him to ‘change characters.’

Thus the Zero, Maou’s alternate good-character, is born. He’s more martial arts and melee attacks focused and totally immune to the Satanists’ special attack. Bad Sister swoons, the Satanists are defeated, and Maou is embarrassed with himself as a result.

Honestly, making the holy maidens transparently evil and having the protagonist embody both the top rank for light and dark alignments is novel enough. Maou creating the new character is out of left field and doesn’t feel earned, but it plays with the Isekai genre a bit.

However, It does not play with the harem tropes. I get that the story wants us to accept Luna’s complete conversion from enemy to follower as part of Luna’s assumption that she’s ‘tamed’ Maou through his love of her butt… but that’s both silly and too underdeveloped to work.

Retry! is beginning to remind me of Isekai Maou to Shoukan Shoujo no Dorei Majutsu, except with worse production values and funny-bad sound design. The hero posing as a villain (and the reverse) also reminds me of Maoyu: Archenemy & Hero, except that show was also had higher production values and a more interesting cast and setting.

I guess what I’m saying is Retry!’s only unique quality in the Isekai genre may be laughably bad production values, and it’s harmless nature? As long as Maou isn’t asked to impregnate anyone through their belly button, or have out of left field graphic torture scenes, or a non-ending ending like those two shows, it will probably be okay.