Isekai Cheat Magician – 01

In a time of desperate need, a great mage casts the spell to summon a hero to her non-RPG hard fantasy kingdom. Unfortunately, the magic circle is broken and the hero arrives far from the castle. Double unfortunately, the hero is Taichi, a modern day Japanese high school boy, who’s only defining trait is a narcissistic urge to sacrifice himself to protect his tennis semi-pro childhood friend Rin.

After narrowly escaping death at the hands hooves of a Bad Horse, passing adventurers exposition Rin and Taichi up to speed, at least, in so far as the world and basic adventure considerations are concerned. Then they all travel to a near by town and Rin and Taichi quickly learn that they are super OP magic users omg!

The Pros: Isekai Cheat Magician is drawn like garbage and the setting is lazy as hell. However, like several lazy as hell shows this season, ICM is so incompetent that it’s pretty easy to laugh at.  The Dialog too is pretty endearing. “Thats no ordinary horse!

Though rare, ICM also charms with some neat details, like the fantasy cast calling attention to the tailoring quality of Rin and Taichi’s uniforms. It may mean nothing to us, but machine produced fabrics would be epically higher quality than any hand-constructed equivalents.

The verdict: It’s hard to say if the generic journey of high school friends through a magic world will turn out better or worse than a generic demon lord in a fantasy rpg world, or the equally inept adventure of generic nice girl in magic battle royale, but I’m willing to watch for now.

ICM isn’t terrible, objectively speaking. It’s just very very very dull, slow paced, and it’s only unique feature is casting friends to play off eachother in it’s other world setting.

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  1. I used to enjoy the odd Isekai show but now it’s become the most dully cliched genre in anime. I am yearning to be magically ensnared by my PC (that’s better than the being hit by a truck and dying route) and sent back to a fantasy world where my quest is to stop the writer of the first Isekai ever putting pen to paper…

    1. Of the Isekai shows I liked the most, four of them were rep’d last season in Isekat Quartet: Re:Zero, Youjo Senki, OverLord and KonoSuba. I’ve also mostly enjoyed SAO, one of the first shows to make it big. Other smaller shows, like MMO Junkie and Grimgar, distinguished themselves in one way or another.

      But that’s already a lot of shows, and many are still going, so to get into another one I really have to be wowed. Suffice it to say, none of the new isekai entries have impressed me in any way.

      1. Isekai is like any anime genre — a show is only good if it provide a fresh idea, interesting mysteries, compelling characters, and/or have wowing visuals.

        ICM’s ‘twist’ appears to be including genre-aware childhood friends as the core characters, and having them approach their situation rationally. This isn’t much of a twist thought, since their relationship hasn’t added much to the narrative. The visuals dont wow either.

  2. Its funny, I’ve never regarded SAO as an Isekai show. But I guess it is to an extent, even though it transcends the genre often. I enjoyed Grimgar too, and Konosuba – because someone has to poke fun at the genre. The Little Slime That Could I found I liked a lot even though it irritated me slightly at times, and Youjo Senki was twisted enough to be an interesting show. After that my interest tails off pretty quickly. i consider that Log Horizon could have been a good show with an interesting premise but ended up as a mess by the end of season 2. Most other Isekais, I’ve dropped after one or two episodes, or peg to watch later, and never do.

    1. If for no other reason, Isekai Cheat made me happy by making me remember (and think about) the other 22 Isekai series I’ve seen over the years :)

      SAO is an interesting entry… I’m currently editing our old list of Isekai best to worst and SAO feels like it deserves a spot close to the top, but only for the first arc of the first season. That initial arc really captures the fish out of water hero, trapped in a magic land, destined for greatness vibe that gets lost in the following seasons. TBH SAO may even end up 1st place on the list because its more approachable than Re:Zero, even though Re:Zero is objectively a more gripping and imaginative series.

      Cant wait to post the list!

      1. That will be an interesting post, I’ll keep an eye out for it. SAO Aincrad arc is isekai and to a degree the more underwhelming Alfheim arc was too (at least for poor Asuna) . SAO II I consider not to be an Isekai series as the protagonists are voluntarily playing in games rather than being trapped, taken, sent to a fantasy or computer based world. The movie is the same as SAO II but SAO III sends Kirito off to a computer based world while he is in a coma, which is an Isekai premise (maybe some of those shows killing off the real life protagonist could consider dropping them off into a coma instead).

      2. There are 25 shows on my list. I did not include Dot Hack, Magic Knight Ray Earth or Vision of Escaflowne because I can’t remember them well enough and don’t have access to/or interest in watching them all the way through again. I left off Spirited Away because it’s a movie and there are too many Isekai anime out there that I probably haven’t seen :)

        Rise of the Shield Hero is currently ranked #14

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