Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san 2 – 02 – Breaking the Ice

It may be Summer IRL, but the days are getting colder in the world of Takagi-san, such that puddles made by rain a day ago are frozen solid the next morning. Takagi can tell Nishikata has an unbearable urge to pick that ice up, and so makes a contest out of it.

Naturally, despite Nishikata’s extensive activity in such training, she gets him to drop it by declaring whoever breaks their ice first loses, and has to warm the hands of the winner. He’s about to take her hand when she asks for the hand warmer he offered earlier. A reprieve!

Another morning, Nishikata believes he has a surefire way to get Takagi to lose, by telling her he changed something about his appearance and challenging her to correctly identify that change. This backfires spectacularly when Takagi gives him a thorough visual examination, even tickling his side and getting very close up to smell him.

In the end, Takagi correctly concludes he trimmed his hair, though whether she was going with the answer with the best odds is a mystery. Nishikata’s punishment is to try to guess how she’ll change her appearance tomorrow, knowing full well he’d never look her over as thoroughly as she just did.

After an in-between in which Mina laughs at Yukari’s bangs which she trimmed too far, Valentine’s Day arrives, and Nishikata, while telling himself he doesn’t expect any chocolate from Takagi or anyone else, is still expecting chocolate.

As Mina learns the hard way, Tanabe-sensei doesn’t tolerate the distribution of chocolate on his watch. Mano almost works up the courage to hand Nakai some non-obligatory chocolate, but his ever-present friends ruin her timing and she runs off.

Nakai may be dense but has the good sense to chase after Mano, who is able to successfully give him the chocolate (which he tells Tanabe-sensei is a book she borrowed). As for Nishikata, he goes the whole day without being given any chocolate, only to find a box in his shoe locker, obviously left there by Takagi, who tries to get him to identify her as the one who put it there.

Nishikata doesn’t give in, so Takagi keeps the mind games going by offering him a small piece of obligatory chocolate, while strongly implying that not all the chocolate she gave him is obligatory. Her status as giver of the shoe locker chocolate remains unsaid, but like many things between these two, it doesn’t really have to be said.

There’s no one else from which Nishikata would get non-obligatory chocolate, and there’s no one else to whom Takagi would give chocolate.

Isekai Cheat Magician – 01

In a time of desperate need, a great mage casts the spell to summon a hero to her non-RPG hard fantasy kingdom. Unfortunately, the magic circle is broken and the hero arrives far from the castle. Double unfortunately, the hero is Taichi, a modern day Japanese high school boy, who’s only defining trait is a narcissistic urge to sacrifice himself to protect his tennis semi-pro childhood friend Rin.

After narrowly escaping death at the hands hooves of a Bad Horse, passing adventurers exposition Rin and Taichi up to speed, at least, in so far as the world and basic adventure considerations are concerned. Then they all travel to a near by town and Rin and Taichi quickly learn that they are super OP magic users omg!

The Pros: Isekai Cheat Magician is drawn like garbage and the setting is lazy as hell. However, like several lazy as hell shows this season, ICM is so incompetent that it’s pretty easy to laugh at.  The Dialog too is pretty endearing. “Thats no ordinary horse!

Though rare, ICM also charms with some neat details, like the fantasy cast calling attention to the tailoring quality of Rin and Taichi’s uniforms. It may mean nothing to us, but machine produced fabrics would be epically higher quality than any hand-constructed equivalents.

The verdict: It’s hard to say if the generic journey of high school friends through a magic world will turn out better or worse than a generic demon lord in a fantasy rpg world, or the equally inept adventure of generic nice girl in magic battle royale, but I’m willing to watch for now.

ICM isn’t terrible, objectively speaking. It’s just very very very dull, slow paced, and it’s only unique feature is casting friends to play off eachother in it’s other world setting.