Toaru Kagaku no Accelerator – 01 (First Impressions) – Getting Nowhere Fast

If you were badly yearning to see Yomikawa Aiho and her ineffectual SWAT-like Antiskill unit take it on the chin once again at the hands of the latest espers baddies, or were desperate for more of Accelerator’s glowering face and growling voice, as Misaka clones mill around aimlessly and Last Order squeaks about herself in the third person, this new Index side-story is for you.

In this introductory episode, a trio of precocious high schoolers led by a pint-sized redhead (who constantly says “yabee” or “radical”) believe the time is ripe to try to steal some genetic material (i.e. blood) from Accelerator, who is in the hospital recovering from injuries sustained in the previous story arc when he managed to get Last Order healed. But while they’re able to get past Antiskill, they’re no match for even a slightly off-his-game Accelerator.

By the time he’s shooed Last Order out of harm’s way, he’s deduced how the three high schoolers’ powers work and makes quick work of neutralizing them, shattering their epic scheme to…sell his blood on the black market.

These were some small-fry baddies with pitifully low stakes considering how Index III ended, but I can already see where this is headed: more of Accelerator being forced to protect Last Order yet again and prove that he’s now way more of a hero than a villain due to his particular devotion to his minuscule double-speaking charge.

The thing is, I feel like I just finished watching that exact thing in Index III, and in a very full Summer season packed with new stories, I’m just not that enthusiastic about watching that dynamic unfold so soon after it just ended—particularly when the production values are so mediocre.

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7 thoughts on “Toaru Kagaku no Accelerator – 01 (First Impressions) – Getting Nowhere Fast”

  1. I decided to pass on this one given I didn’t get all the way through the third season of Index. I kind of felt I was done with this franchise.

  2. I turned this on not realizing at first that it was an Index spin off. However, That’s not why I turned it off. I turned it off because it isn’t visually remarkable, started off slow, and didn’t introduce gripping characters or mystery or setting in the first 10 minutes :(

  3. Knowing how the “A Certain…” franchise tends to work, I’m not going to be so harsh on this first episode. Its been the custom for the franchise to generally start with a stand alone semi-introductory episode featuring some sort of once off threat that the heroes deal with and then move on, with the real story arc starting off in the next episode. A Certain Scientific Accelerator did that pretty perfunctorily and I guess the threat to civilization’s existence will develop from there on. My concern is just what space in the Academy City Universe is this show going to occupy? If a Certain Magical Index and A Certain Scientific Railgun are essentially about curbing the excesses of magic and religion, and the excesses of science, with reason, what space can A.C.S.A. occupy? I hope its not going to be layer upon layer of nefarious underground conspiracies again. That element of Index III almost did my head in before the series kind of redeemed itself. A.C.S.A feels excessive to me, I get Accelerator is a popular character but if all the series does is muddy the franchise’s universe unnecessarily, then the franchise might be faced with A Certain Scientific Shark Jump this time. And that’s not good with both part 2 of Index III and another series of Railgun coming up.

    1. I must confess to spoiling myself to a degree by reading the synopsis of ACSA:

      “Accelerator now finds himself dragged into a new conflict in the form of a sinister organization called Disciplinary Action which plots to use Last Order for a dangerous mission.”

      There you have it: Another sinister organization, and another instance of Accelerator, always more comfortable as a villain, having to play the hero and protect Last Order, his one soft spot.

      That sounds like rehash of the stuff Accel already did when he was fighting the underground organizations in Index III, combined with his role in the Russia arc that ended that series.

      So yeah, that all sounds just too similar. And truth be told, I’ve always found Okamoto Nobuhiko’s portrayal of Accel rather grating and tiresome, and best enjoyed (endured?) in small portions. I get the appeal too but frankly, I’m personally kinda sick of the guy.

      It doesn’t help that Misaka was mercilessly sidelined in favor of the three main (male) protagonists in Index III – a new series that re-focused on Biribiri would have been preferable. So it’s Skipsville for me.

      1. I take your point. The Last Order/Accelerator/Evil Organization story line goes back to Amai Ao in series one maybe but definitely to the series 2 Testament arc. Poor Last Order, she is constantly targeted by this or that evil organization hoping to get some sort of edge, And of course she is mainly saved in the end by that irascible softy Accelerator. I think its about time that story line was put to bed and Last Order was given something else to do. Accelerator, both the character and Okamoto’s portrayal of him were their strongest in Index 1 and Railgun 1. Since then, with odd exceptions, the character’s emotional range hasn’t altered much, save for losing the tendency to cackle evilly at the appropriate time. I agree with you that he best served up in smaller doses as a foil to other main characters, and his own show might well wear out his welcome for many. I’ll watch ACSA because I’m a completest but perhaps with not much excitement.

      2. I’m taking the minimal involvement of Biri Biri to indicate most of her potential arcs are going into Railgun III. Maybe we will see a greater role in Index III Pt 2 for her, since she has now arrived on the scene in Russia. I guess we’ll see when those shows premiere.

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