The Rising of the Shield Hero – 19 – United Front

The Pope packs a whallop with his attacks, but turns out the first couple were just “trial runs”, to unleash the full power of the weapon he transforms it into a spear and draws upon the mana his holy army of followers, who number in the thousands despite not having any kind of supply train. Did these people just walk out here from wherever they came from without provisions of any kind? Seems like a logistical nightmare.

That weapon turns out to be a replica of the Cardinal Heroes’ own weapons, able to transform as needed. Melty is shocked to learn it still exists, believing it had been lost long ago, while Motoyasu condemns its use as “cheating.” As for Naofumi, he asks why, if they could make such powerful weapons, did they bother summoning heroes at all?

However, Motoyasu’s weapons, nor combo attacks by him and his party, have any effect thanks to Popey’s magical barrier, which enables said Pope to laugh and bray on about delivering judgment and such.  What he didn’t count on, however, were the Sword and Bow Heroes not being dead after all.

Turns out Itsuki and Ren never trusted the Three Heroes Church, and were investigating it when they learned that the church had possession of the weapon. They were led to a false shrine where the church tried to assassinate them, but failed. Now, with all the four Cardinal Heroes, assembled, it’s time to turn the tables as one unit…right?

Wrong. Naofumi isn’t fighting with other three. Not after the shit they gave him and the trouble they caused which he and his party had to clean up. And who can blame him? They’ve demonstrated they’re no better than the Pope, taking and doing whatever they want without regard to the lives they affect.

This results in roughly six minutes of the heroes bickering among themselves and pointing fingers before Naofumi finally gives in and joins the others, but only until they deal with the Pope and the Queen’s Shadow Punitive Force arrives (which, by the way, where the hell have they BEEN?), and because he promised Fitoria he’d at least try to make up with the other heroes.

However, by the time they’re ready to fight as one, The Pope has already prepared “Cathedral”, a high-level spell that encases the entire crater in a magical barrier that he maniacally declares will be their “final destination.” Somehow I doubt that. I have to say, I’ve had quite enough of our ambitious pontiff and his seemingly infinite supply of mana.

But at least his actions led to the other three heroes finally learning not only how wrong they’ve been about Naofumi, but how harmful their own actions have been. Here’s hoping the lessons stick, even if the alliance is only temporary.

Author: braverade

Hannah Brave is a staff writer for RABUJOI.

3 thoughts on “The Rising of the Shield Hero – 19 – United Front”

  1. The 7 rating seems about right but ho-boy… so little has happened since episode TWELVE that I’ve gotta drop ROTSH. No seriously! 7 episodes ago this show setup a mystery about the waves, and then established breaking the level cap as a really important step. Since then our heroes have run around… and stood still arguing. I’m not even sure the ‘resolution’ this week counts as character development, since Spear-Brah is still a numb skull and Bow-nerd still feels his actions were justified. ARGH squandered season :)

    1. Yeah there’s been a considerable dip in urgency. If you’re going to introduce goals like breaking the level cap or meeting the queen, why do that and then spend half a season getting nowhere near either of those goals?

      Also, I touched on this in the review, and it may be a little detail, but if you’re going out of your way to establish that Naofumi’s party needs a wagon to carry their supplies, you can’t then introduce an army of thousands of priests and nuns show up in the middle of nowhere with just the clothes on their back. I mean, unless they all just teleported there!

      1. Now, now that’s just being a little harsh. For all we know just the other side of the forest behind them is a large camp of nuns and monks just cooking up a hearty breakfast for all their mana-exhausted coreligionists – or that local villages haven’t been doing a roaring trade selling Popey Burgers, fries, and chocolate shakes along their travel routes from whereever they came from. Really though, isekai shows are all pretty much based on suspension of belief aren’t they? Summonings aside, we can accept a giant bird who can turn into a cute winged kinpatsu loli and a tanuki swordsgirl but we can’t accept a few hungry nuns and priests? I can see your point about Naofumi’s cart but in the greater scheme of the show, its no biggie.

        The meandering around has become a little irritating but some of it had a point.. The Fitoria detour was useful for Naofumi’s development, and the evil baron provided some character back story for Raphtalia at least. The continued absence of the powerful Queen allowing all sorts of excesses (particularly those impelled by her nasty daughter Malty) is strange though to say the least. I daresay she will appear shortly to trump the verbose menace of Popey-kun, who will meet a fiery and fitting end forthwith. Once that’s wrapped up Shield Hero can maybe move into its final arc.

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