Senryuu Shoujo – 01 (First Impressions) – Five by Five, With Seven in Between

Senryuu Shoujo is a tonic for a long, stressful day. Its heroine Yukishiro Nanako is also the antithesis of the non-studying Ao-chan, the first episode of which was most notable for its catchy OP. Rather than assume the worst of anyone, Nanako embraces her classmate Busujima Eiji, a nice book with a rough cover, as a fellow devotee of senryuu, a kind of haiku.

Unlike Eiji, Nanako doesn’t talk. We hear Hanazawa Kana’s voice, but it’s only in Nanako’s head. She communicates with senryuu, gestures, and body language…and gets by pretty well! The idea of someone developing senryuu as a means of organizing one’s thoughts and expressing them with a manageable, reliable structure, is an enticing one.

But more than that, Nanako is just adorable as all get out, and her unlikely friendship with a former delinquent—who got his scary face bandage from his cute little sister—is most endearing. And at an economical twelve minutes, we may have a lightweight slice-of-life keeper here.

Author: sesameacrylic

Zane Kalish is a staff writer for RABUJOI.

4 thoughts on “Senryuu Shoujo – 01 (First Impressions) – Five by Five, With Seven in Between”

  1. This show is a good example of how important a competent sub is to the viewer’s enjoyment of the program. I tried watching it but the sub I watched was so dire – partially translating the poetry and totally ignoring the meter when it did, – which made it damn near unwatchable. Any suggestions for the source of a good sub or stream site featuring this show anyone?

      1. Regrettably, I doubt there’s anything better out there. Subbers would have to take the time to create English haiku that carries the same meaning as the Japanese, which is a high bar to ask considering the volume of poetry in the show (not to mention the volume of anime to be subbed).

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