TenSura – 24.5 – Recap

Ifrit finds himself trapped within Rimuru and meets Veldora Tempest, who forces him to play shogi since it’s not as fun playing alone. As they play and chat, the events of the last 24 episodes run by…and that’s about it.

I’ve been made aware that the manga has “Veldora’s Journal” entries at the end that similarly recap what’s happened in the story so far, but there wasn’t really anything I had forgotten or needed to be reminded of, making this episode rather superfluous after the first couple minutes.

Another somewhat puzzling capper to a season that felt like it needed two or three fewer episodes than it got.

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2 thoughts on “TenSura – 24.5 – Recap”

  1. Completely agree. While the first ‘extra’ episode was really interesting and fun and sets up stuff for the future, this one is really just padding a run time and to be honest I ended up reading through it and just glanced up occasionally to check if they’d decided to do anything interesting. They did not.

  2. I watched about ten minutes, got bored and switched off. It felt like a novelty ova episode attached to a DVD release.

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