TenSura – 23 (Fin*) – Problems Solved

Rimuru and the five students enter the Dwelling of Spirits and…pretty much absolutely everything goes swimmingly! Seriously, one by one Rimuru either creates a superior spirit from hundreds of inferior ones with the Great Sage’s help, or in the case of Kenya and Chloe, a spirit is summoned by the kids themselves.

Bottom line, with superior spirits within them, the immense magical power is now under control, and will no longer send them to early graves. Mission Accomplished! The only problem is, there’s a lot more runtime to the episode after that, but it’s clear that’s all the story TenSura cares to tell, so the remaining ten minutes or so basically runs out the clock.

We get montages of How Far We’ve Come, followed by a number of Long, Tearful Goodbyes, as well as hints of Challenges to Come Next Season. As fantasy/Isekai anime go, TenSura almost always kept things light, breezy, and above all nice and easy for Rimuru.

I don’t see a second season messing with that formula too much, but rather expanding Rimuru’s powers, understanding of his world, and of course, introducing a smorgasbord of new characters who will then interact with his already vast crew. The MAL score of 8.36 is definitely overzealous in my book, but colorful, upbeat, and full of charm and good humor: that’s been TenSura through most of its run, and it should continue to be so in the future.

*An “Extra” episode will air next week.

Author: magicalchurlsukui

Preston Yamazuka is a staff writer for RABUJOI.

6 thoughts on “TenSura – 23 (Fin*) – Problems Solved”

  1. This episode reminded me of the end of Lord of the Rings where it felt like it just kept ending over and over again. Then we’ve got a trailer for an extra episode.

  2. The pacing was a little strange but i think they didn’t really want to preempt any second series arcs just yet. So they were left with empty air time once the kids arc was completed so threw in a recap and a couple of hints of whats up in the next episode. They equally could have filled it with some feel good but meaningless footage of Rimaru’s joyful return to Jura perhaps.

    Overall I enjoyed the engaging little slime even though the story was consistently predictable. It was well produced and looked good with engaging side characters and stories. All in all it was enjoyable viewing.

    1. It sounded good too! I was always impressed with the sound effects too, particularly in battle but also just the noises you’d expect a slime to make as he moved about. The music was consistently good as well, though it’s far cry from the Shield Hero score.

      While the predictability had me considering dropping the show, the promise of pure enjoyment ultimately won out until the end, culminating in a solid—if not transcendent—7.83 score for its entire run.

      That brings me to whether I (or Preston) will keep watching when a second season comes around. We pretty much know what we’ll be getting (and know it’s good at what it does), so it’ll come down to how many new shows of higher quality/lower predictability air during that same season, and whether there’s sufficient time to commit to another 24-or-so TenSuras.

      1. I’ll certainly go with the second season when it airs – Just because I know that I’ll be getting 25 minutes of amusing relaxing anime every time I do, That’s enough for me. :)

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