TenSura – 15 – Things are Getting Very Official

With the war with the Orcs behind them, the Kijin, Lizardmen, Goblins and Dryads all come together under one roof to hear what Rimuru is going to do about them. After all, he’s now the Chancellor of the Great Jura Forest Alliance…which is actually news to Rimuru!

Improvising, Rimuru decides to not only fully pardon the Orcs, but integrate them into the alliance as a labor force in exchange for food and water from the Lizardmen and Dryads and shelter among the goblins in his town. Benimaru also forgives Geld’s son, as they’re all servants under Great Rimuru and thus no longer enemies.

As for Gabiru, his newly-named and evolved father decides not to execute him, but merely excommunicates and exiles him from Jura. I was kinda hoping Gabiru would move to Rimuru’s village, but he and his groupies seem bound elsewhere. Once insufferably arrogant, he’ll be missed now that he’s learned some humility.

Rimuru proceeds to name every one of the 150k Orcs, evolving them into High Orcs, and progress on his capital accelerates into fill SimCity Mode. But not all of Rimuru’s troubles are gone. The Demon Lord Clayman has fixed his gaze on “the Slime” and intends to challenge him soon, while the Dwarf King Gazel Dwargo arrives in town at the head of a squadron of Pegasus Knights to take the measure of Rimuru via a duel.

Rimuru, sporting some snazzy new threads, accepts the challenge, and Treyni serves as witness. Dwargo proves a formidable opponent, but Rimuru just manages to block his combo strike thanks to the fact they received instruction in swordsmanship from the same master, Hakurou…small world! Convinced Rimuru is not evil, Dwargo and his men feast at Rimuru’s new facilities, and proposes an alliance between Rimuru’s new nation and his Dwarven kingdom.

Rimuru accepts, but he has to name the nation: Jura Tempest Federation. Has a nice ring to it. As for the capital, his admiring underlings name it Rimuru in his honor. Here’s hoping Clayman and whatever other Demon Lords are lurking out there don’t mess it up too bad in the near future.

Author: magicalchurlsukui

Preston Yamazuka is a staff writer for RABUJOI.

4 thoughts on “TenSura – 15 – Things are Getting Very Official”

  1. The inexorable rise and rise of Rimaru the Slime continues. Rimuru’s successes are now so predictable it’s become tedious. Can’t Rimaru lose badly just once? But for all that I’m still watching it. I convince myself its because I like the Kaijin, Gabiru (a little), and Gobta. The animation ain’t half bad either. Or is it I like seeing someone being outrageously successful in order to escape my own happily banal existence? Well the jury is out on that one.

    Oh and here’s a prediction: The king of the Lizardmen’s somewhat harsh exile of Gabiru will pay off in a future episode when Gabiru manages to do something heroic that saves Rimaru or something and redeems his good name in the world. He may end up restored to his rightful place in Lizardville even. Given TenSura’s iron allegiance to Isekai and fantasy anime tropes and cliches, there is no way the show’s authors are going to let a high exposure character like Gabiru fade out of the show now….

    1. Have you given Rise of the Shield Hero a try? MC starts out with several huge disadvantages compared to his three fellow “players”; even when he’s successful, the victories are modest.

      I’ve been watching with Hannah and agree it’s a good salve so far to Rimuru’s effortless success. It also isn’t half-bad in the animation department, and IMO actually surpasses TenSura in music.

      1. I’ve got Rise of the Shield Hero on my to watch list. I’m dropping a couple of shows off my list after execrable first episodes, so I might have room for it I think. Still its going to be a huge season for me. With Index, SAO, TenSura, Magical Girl Special Ops Asuka, the two new aviation-based shows, Endro, and also the Shield Hero, I’m going to be calling for the potato chips and soda soon to survive on while I binge. Cup noodles anyone?

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