Lord El-Melloi II’s Case Files – 00 – A Dead Cat and a Myriad of Facts

When we (or at least I) last saw Waver Velvet, he’d lost the Holy Grail War, but was ordered by Rider to survive. He told his hypnotized “grandparents” that he’d continue living with them and save up enough to travel the world Rider once conquered.

This latest Fate spin-off, which is set to air this Summer, takes place ten years later, when Waver has apparently had his fill of world travel. Not only does he now lead the Modern Magecraft Theories Department at the Clock Tower, but he has taken on the title of Lord El-Malloi II at the request of Kayneth’s sister Reines, until she comes of age.

The presence of “Case Files” in the title seems to imply this show will be a series of magical mysteries which El-Malloi II must solve, with the help of his dutiful apprentice Gray and his students. This first case involves a curse on a cat that his passed to him; they must find and capture the perpetrator before he’s killed.

I have to say, lingering shots of a dying, suffering cat is a curious way of trying to lure people to watch, especially when El-Malloi lacks the magical skill to heal the poor thing. The mystery is also solved and resolved so easily it’s kind of robbed of its urgency and stakes and obviously El-Malloi isn’t going to die in a preview special. But plot aside, Case Files is a gorgeous show.

Suffice it to say, the attack on El-Malloi was ordered by someone who wants him out of the way. It’s painfully obvious his position as Lord is tenuous at best, and there’s a lot of scheming going on behind his back. But at least for now he is obeying Iskander, and surviving. I suspect I’ll be back in July to see how he manages to keep surviving while battling the magical establishment.—Braverade

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Hannah Brave is a staff writer for RABUJOI.

3 thoughts on “Lord El-Melloi II’s Case Files – 00 – A Dead Cat and a Myriad of Facts”

  1. I gave this a watch as I was Waver fan in Fate Zero but the years haven’t treated him well since the Fourth Grail War. Waver has become a bitter misanthrope who abuses his somewhat cute assistant, telling her he hates to see her face. Things generally don’t seem to go well for him in life, All the other Clock Tower Senior Mages seem to be out to get him and he will be supplanted eventually by the late but not lamented Lord Kenneth’s malevolent real heir. What grates for Waver is he is too weak to do anything much about all this. He has also somehow become painfully clumsy and when his abuse of the stray cat backfires causing a pratfall joke I almost missed it, as that is what he does anyway.

    I found this episode heavy going with little to relieve the despondent mood Waver seems to live in permanently. The climax and denouement wasn’t much chop either. I guess a lot of people will watch this because it’s Type Moon but if the production group is looking for a fan base of anything more than Type Moon completists they better find a way to sharpen Old Waver Velvet up and introduce some more notes into the portrayal. Personally I’d be likely to give this one more episode when it begins screening and if it is the same as this episode, I’ll be calling it quits on Waver.

    1. Yeah, not sure what was up with him hating Gray’s face. I imagine that, and how/why he “saved” her, are among questions the show will answer in July.

      In any case, their relationship gave me a slight Okarin-Mayushii vibe.

      1. I can see that similarity. Hopefully they spend the next few months tuning the series up in all departments otherwise it will be a rare Type Moon/Fate fail.

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