Zombieland Saga – 08 – An Unexpected Father-Daughter Reunion

It’s a Lily episode! By which I mean, it’s a Gou Masao episode, since we learn that’s her birth name. And it’s just as much a Gou Takeo episode, Takeo being Lily’s father. That makes this the first episode of ZLS that is at least partially told from the POV of a person who survived one of the members of Franchouchou.

At first the show plays around with the idea this immense mountain of a man could simply be a creep, but I never bought into that angle. Instead I see his fatherly determination to confirm whether “Number 6” is really his Masao. That enthusiasm earns him a rolling sobat from Saki, protecting her girls. But Lily later reveals to Sakura that the giant was indeed her father.

Lily explains the vast size differential by saying she took after her mother, who died when she was very young. Her father raised her on his own, and when she noticed how much he loved TV, she signed up for auditions, got cast in one thing after another, and never looked back.

However, Masao AKA Lily put so much stock in her tininess and cuteness that the day she found a hair on her leg she refused to go out and perform, and when she found a whisker on her face, she basically died of mental shock.

From Takeo’s POV, he was a bad father, pushing Masao too far. When he saw her smile appear posthumously on TV, he picked up the set and threw it at the wall, and ceased to watch any TV ever again.

Lily and her dad’s next meeting is a lot more cordial as both apologize, but Lily doesn’t betray who she really is, and her dad doesn’t pry, convinced No.6 just looks like his daughter—besides, from where he’s standing, there’s no way she could just come back to life. His daughter is gone; he doesn’t want to cause some girl undue stress or harm just for resembling her.

While Saki is the leader of Franchouchou, she’s always erred on the side of mocking Lily, both for her tiny stature and later for her butch real name and ridiculously vain way of dying. But Sakura has shown she’s much better with Lily, and in Sakura Lily finds the shoulder she needs to cry in after putting on a brave face for her dad.

Sakura and the other girls put their heads together and get clearance from Tatsumi to hold a free public show and invite Lily’s dad, who almost doesn’t attend, but changes his mind at the last second. He’s then treated to a concert in which the other idols provide backup vocals and moves and Lily is in the spotlight.

She sings a song with lyrics that, while perhaps a bit too on-the-nose and even kinda sappy, nevertheless successfully delivers her feelings to her father, even if he still doesn’t realize she’s really his daughter. The next time he’s at work, he doesn’t go out for lunch while his co-workers watch TV, which of course features that chicken commercial in which Lily appears.

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2 thoughts on “Zombieland Saga – 08 – An Unexpected Father-Daughter Reunion”

  1. I find it odd that you didn’t touch upon the other implication of Lily’s backstory. It’s not outright spelled out, but that whole talk about leg hair and her shock about that strand of hair on her chin implies that Liliy is actually a “he” (and that her dad didn’t just name her Masao for no reason).

    Im a bit mixed about this twist. It’s not that it’s bad, but it does feel awkward. It works well with ZS’ dark humor but it kinda lessen’s the drama a bit without the series fully dealing with the implications.

    1. Lily’s real name was mocked as “butch”, but I chalked that up to Lily’s dad being, well, “butch”.

      Considering Lily didn’t resemble him in any other way, I assumed the “butch” name was his way of putting his mark on a child who was otherwise mostly a clone of the mother.

      As for the hairs, well, girls get hair on their legs and face as well as guys when they hit puberty, so I saw it as purely Lily’s fear of growing up…not to mention her not knowing about Nair.

      So there you have it: since the unspoken implication of Lily being a boy was, well, unspoken, the alternate explanations above were sufficient for me to overlook it.

      Now that I’m aware of that extra point, Lily’s intense (and ultimately fatal) reaction makes a lot more sense, though I agree with you that I’m not sure the show handled the twist as well as it could have.

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