TenSura – 05 – Rimuru Gets His Team…Then Gets Exiled

One of Rimuru’s iffily-drawn Elven hosts uses a crystal ball to show him who he’s “destined to be with”: the dark-haired young woman who features prominently in both the promo art, OP, and ED, but who has yet to cross paths with the Slime.

When Kaijin’s nemesis Minister Vesta pours beer on Rimuru, Kaijin slugs him, and the whole crew gets arrested, goes to gaol, and does not pass “GO” or collect $200 gets put on trial. We learn that the well-bred Vesta used to be a subordinate of the peasant-class Kaijin.

Vesta uses his largesse to pay off the proxy meant to defend Kaijin, and after a brief trial he is sentenced to twenty years in the mines, and his friends, who did nothing, ten each. However, the Dwarven King Gazel Dwargo, who quietly resides over the proceedings, puts a quick end to the farce.

Dwargo offers Kaijin a place among his ranks once more, but Kaijin has already agreed to join Rimuru. So everyone gets exile instead, and for lying for so many years, Vesta is dishonorably discharged from the king’s service. Vesta once looked up to the king as a boy and dreamed of serving him, but somewhere along the line he lost his way.

As for Kaijin and his three mates, they find a new way: whichever way Rimuru Tempest is headed. They leave the city to meet up with Rimuru’s friends, but King Dwargo senses the power of Veldora within the slime, and orders a stealthy spy to follow him.

All in all, I felt the trip to the great dwarven city to be somewhat underwhelming, even if Rimuru ultimately got what he wanted (artisans for his village). And while there were some interesting character dynamics in play, the trial was still a bit of a snoozer.

Author: magicalchurlsukui

Preston Yamazuka is a staff writer for RABUJOI.

One thought on “TenSura – 05 – Rimuru Gets His Team…Then Gets Exiled”

  1. I’m still hanging with TenSura but its doing nothing for me. The selling point for the series surely has to be the imposition of a slime into the role of epic Isejkai hero and exploiting the comedy and ironic distance this clanging juxtaposition creates. However it doesn’t work if the slime acts as… an epic Isekai hero. And that’s what is happening in TenSura and that’s why it isn’t that interesting to watch. He has hurdles to overcome like every Isekai hero but also like in most Isekai his hyper-intelligence/hyper-powers/hyper-resourcefulness save the day, allowing him to progress without much sweat or angst in the process. Next episode needs a radical change of pace and story line or I won’t be able to take anymore. How about the slime travels to Alcanretia, joins the Axis Church and spends his days selling dodgy saucepans and detergents?

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