Iroduku: The World in Colors – 03 – Someday Works Just Fine

Yuito’s words echo in Hitomi’s mind, as she now has a reason to explore her magic—so she can “someday” show it to him again, as he showed her his art. Each of them did something that made them vulnerable but came with the reward of growing just a little closer.

Still, the fact is Hitomi really isn’t that good at magic, even if she has the potential within her. To unlock it she’ll need to practice; her great-grandmother suggests she use a “wand” in the form of a Pocky to help focus while doing so. No harm in trying something new a little at a time.

She’ll also need practice finding a place at the school, which is practically fanatical about clubs. Both faculty and students insist she join one, but believes her achromatopsia precludes her from joining Yuito & Co’s photography arts club; conveniently forgetting the existence of black and white photography (though to be fair, she is from sixty years in the future).

When Yuito has her dive into the arts part of the club by painting a picture, her treatment of color all but confirms to him her inability to see them, at least as others do. Still, he’s quite sincere in his appraisal, and considering she’d “never drawn a picture” before, she did quite well!

From there she gets drawn more and more into the photo/arts club’s activities that day, from accompanying them as they recruit potential new members, to serving as a model during a dreamlike shoot at the pool.

While she fails to use the star sand that enables one to walk on water, she isn’t aware she picked the wrong color, and her own magic allows her to walk on it anyway…until one of the club members tells her she picked the wrong one, and she plunges into the drink.

Upon drying herself, Yuito comes to apologize, but she believes it just as much her fault for not refusing strongly enough (I don’t know, I thought she refused pretty dang strongly; they just ignored her!) Indeed, her tendency to so easily say there’s “no way” she can do something, or that she stay out of people’s way to make it “easier for everyone.”

Thankfully, she does decide that she can join the arts/photography club, and even helps them with their punishment of cleaning the pool into which they weren’t allowed to let anyone jump. Meanwhile, her grandmother Kohaku is almost home, and she seems to be someone who doesn’t just think, but knows she can do anything, and does it. In other words, she’s someone Hitomi could probably use in her life right now.

Author: magicalchurlsukui

Preston Yamazuka is a staff writer for RABUJOI.

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  1. I believe the main boy’s name is Yuito Aoi, not Shou (that would be the name of the Photgraphy’s President)

    My apology for posting it here. But here are some other Fall season’s shows that you guys might want to give some chance:
    – Run with the Wind: arguably the most polish show and so far it succeeds on building up the chemistry between its cast, From the staffs who made Haikyu and from the novelist who wrote The Great Passage.
    – Karakuri Circus: a stylish shounen show that has interesting leads, from the mangaka who made Ushio and Tora
    – Double Decker: Another stylish action comedy show in the same universe of Tiger and Bunny. It’s goofy but it’s a fun ride so far
    – SSSS.Gridman: a sleeper hit but many people compare it to the old-school Gainax. Offbeat as hell but visually it’s a wonder
    – Finally, REdrideD: so far a train wreck but it’s so ambitious that I suppose it’s still fun to write about it,

    1. Yikes! Not sure how I missed that for three weeks, but hey, some people can’t see colors, and some people can’t get names right. ;P

      Thanks for the correction, and for the suggestions. I think we’re in a good place with our standard nine shows (three per reviewer), but we will take a look at a couple of the shows you listed at some point.

      I swear Hannah just finished a Trigger series about mecha…only for another to pop up in SSSS. Gridman…they sure are more prolific than Gainax these days!

      As for RErideD, it seems Abe’s character design could be the only thing the show has going for it…but hey, we won’t know until we watch it!

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