Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card – 21 – Two New Keys to Victory?

In an extended opening act between Sakura’s brother and father, the two discuss her similarity to her mother Nadeshiko, both her smile and the “something mysterious” about her. Sakura’s husband left things he couldn’t sense to Nadeshiko and didn’t ask questions, even if it meant he felt left out. But unlike his dad, Touya has the power to aid Sakura, should that time arise…and it’s looking pretty likely that it is!

Meanwhile, Sakura’s grandfather gives her one of the two items her mother wished her to have: a jeweled key she always treasured. My first thought was that this could be the key she needs to focus her magical power in order to oppose Yuna D. Kaito. The second “item” turns out to be gramps’ villa itself, meaning not only does Sakura have a potential new tool in the key, but a base from which to draw power.

Eriol mentions to Yue and Kero that the mansion where Yuna and Akiho live was once torn down to build an amusement park, yet now the park is gone and the mansion is back; its location being a particularly strong base for magicial power. He also informs his associates that Yuna was excommunicated from the order that gave him the “D” title, ostensibly for stealing a magical relic.

Eriol has a lot of exposition this wek: confirming that it is Sakura herself who has summoned all of the cards she’s been securing. They represent various aspects of her power, and while that power is considerable, it is still chaotic, without focus, and most importantly, inadvertent on the part of their creator.

Perhaps sensing his enemies have conspired together long enough, Yuna launches an attack on Eriol, cutting off both magical and conventional communications between him, Yue, and Kero. Eriol manages to fight off the attack, cracking his staff in the process, but it exhausts him. Even he can’t go up against a “D”-class magician for long.

While Yuna’s watch is finally broken, he still has that stolen relic—I’m guessing the book—and doesn’t seem too perturbed about pushing Akiho has far as he can in order to get Sakura’s cards.

Sakura remains uneasy about recent events, but nevertheless blissfully unaware of the identity, nature, and scale of her enemy and his plans. Instead, while watching Syaoran and his reflection in the car window, she wishes she could look in a mirror and see the Sakura everyone else sees.

That wish casts a fog around her home, and when she and Syaoran arrive, it has flipped around; become a reflection of itself. While a little strange and unnerving, there’s no active physical threat; all Sakura has to do is release her staff and secure the card, somewhat unimaginatively called “Mirror.”

It’s her twentieth card, and it enables Sakura to “mirror” her Flight card, making a double which she affixes to Syaoran so they can fly around hand in hand. Of all the things she could have done, she did something to make her and Syaoran happy. Too much power will make its owner unhappy, and Sakura is certainly hella powerful at this stage, if still chaotic. But Syaoran embraces her in midair and promises her he won’t let her be unhappy.

I’m not sure what he, or Kero, Yue, Eriol, or Touya can actually do, considering it’s been implied Yuna is stronger than all of them, and Sakura is the only one who has a chance of defeating him. But first she has to be told that Yuna is even an enemy that needs defeating, right? He’s been operating in the shadows for far too long while she’s dilly-dallied about with her newfound powers and ancillary high school life.

If her boyfriend, brother, friends and allies are really serious about preserving her happiness, she needs to be told the truth, even if it makes her unhappy. She needs to know so she can prepare for what’s coming. Because you know what would make her even more unhappy? If they, or anyone else (say Akiho) gets hurt because Yuna successfully stole her cards and becomes an unstoppable force.

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Preston Yamazuka is a staff writer for RABUJOI.

5 thoughts on “Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card – 21 – Two New Keys to Victory?”

  1. I like how this episode actually expounds on the details that go back to the original anime series. So, Fujitaka has always been in the know about Sakura;s magical powers but lets her deal with it. Interesting parenting style.

    It’s also interesting how the Clear Card story as a whole can now be seen as a metaphor for Sakura’s transition into adolescence. Her powers’ growth from simply capturing the Clow card and then turning into Sakura cards (in the original series) into now creating powerful cards of her own could be seen as her becoming more independent. as a teenager. Meanwhile, Clamp introducing Yuna D. Kaito as an actual antagonist who could potentially do harm towards Sakura (and not just a “learning tool” to guide her) is pretty much them saying that she needs to grow up beyond her childish ideal world and realize that there are still a lot to learn out there that is beyond her control.

    Pretty interesting, since CCS has been considered as the quintessential “cutesy little magical girl” series of the genre.

    1. I definitely like the idea of that metaphor…I just wish Sakura & Co. weren’t designed so dang TINY compared with the adults, who are almost exaggerated in their height (something I noticed in the scene with her dad and Touya). Granted, they’re still in middle school (?) but for adults to tower over them as they do, not to mention kitchen cabinets being totally inaccessible without ladders – has always seemed like an odd visual choice to me.

      1. I guess that goes back to the general Clamp art style (just take a look at Magic Knight Rayearth or even Code Geass).

        Could also be an animation quirk, considering how Sakura’s character design for all the Clear Card official art emphasizes that she is now a teenager, taller and with a curvier body.

      2. To be clear, I don’t dislike Sakura & friends’ designs—they’re unapologetically adorable!
        It’s mostly just the fact they share this world with such elongated adults.

        Also is it just me or is this show going to go another cour or two, perhaps after a break?

        I find it hard to believe they’re going to wrap everything up in one final episode.

      3. The manga is still ongoing if I recall correctly. And since this is CCS we’re talking about, a second season is should be pretty much expected.

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