Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online – 06 – Karen Meets a Crazy Person

We’re back to the time when Saki and her teammates visit Karen, watch her win the SJ on her enormous TV and introduce themselves. As a rhythmic gymnastics team, they had a hard time operating as a cohesive unit due to personal differences. Playing GGO changed all that; now they’re a well-oiled machine, and care more about progressing in the game than with their real-life team!

The girls voice their hope Karen will face off against them in the next Squad Jam, and when Karen says she has no firm plans to do so, they’re both happy that they won’t have to face one more strong opponent, and sad they won’t get to have a rematch and the opportunity to beat her next time. Karen heads home to Hokkaido and hangs out with her friend Miyu; on the plane back to Tokyo she learns Squad Jam 2 is officially on.

Karen is then confronted by M’s player, the extremely odd Goushi Asougi, who tells her that Pitohui is planning to commit suicide IRL if she loses SJ2, which means Goushi will kill himself soon thereafter, since he is utterly devoted to her and always defers to Pito’s will, no matter how crazy. That, in turn, pretty much makes him crazy as well.

They say love makes you crazy, but there’s a strange superficiality to Goushi’s behavior; like he’s trying too hard to be extra-kooky. Then there’s the whole idea of recruiting Karen to beat them, and in exchange he can guarantee Pito won’t kill herself, which means he won’t die either.

Considering the suddenness of all this information, it simply doesn’t carry that much weight for me, even though it’s clear Karen’s favorite musician is the one with these psychological problems. It seems like a very random and not-at-all emotionally earned excuse to raise the stakes to live-and-death, like SAO.

Karen agrees to participate in SJ2, even if that means validating and facilitating the questionable behavior of two mentally unstable strangers. Both Goushi and Pito’s player seem like they need actual help, help that’s beyond Karen’s abilities. And Goushi doesn’t bother explaining why Pito losing to anyone else means suicide, but losing to Karen doesn’t. I dunno about this…

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4 thoughts on “Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online – 06 – Karen Meets a Crazy Person”

  1. “And Goushi doesn’t bother explaining why Pito losing to anyone else means suicide, but losing to Karen doesn’t. I dunno about this…”

    My first thought is that she promised Karen they will meet IRL if she loses, so perhaps that is a promise that takes precedent (over the one about dying IRL if they die in game, since the threat to M was in a letter during SJ, while that promise with LLEN was made earlier), especially about how much he harps about promises being important.

    1. That makes sense in the context of Pito having her own “code”. It just feels…a little klunky? Or maybe “orchestrated” is a better word?

      It would help if we knew the person behind Pito a little better. It’s strongly implied she’s the famous musician. Perhaps her fame and the drudgery of her performing career have aggravated her deep-seated emotional issues. Maybe this is a cry for help, and Karen is the only one who can save her from suicide (and Goushi as well, since he vows that if she were to die, he would too)

      But that’s all conjecture. Meanwhile we’re getting everything we do know about Pito’s player from a less-than-reliable source in Goushi, who has his own issues.

      That being said, I get that part of the fun of SAO/GGO is that you do not know who’s behind the avatar. This is just another form of that, so I’ll roll with it for now, as Karen is apparently doing.

  2. I think its supposed to feel clunky considering how silly ma’s response to the note was. This is a plan by someone bad at reading the situation and is honestly probably crazier dealing with a murcurial and probably suicidal person.

  3. Karen’s kooky friends aside, a passing reference made me sit up in my chair, which is when Miyu said she had been fighting the ultra fast Zekken. Zekken is of course Konno Yuuki from the Mother’s Rosario arc, the terminally ill girl who lives in the deep diving environment, and who was the master sword fighter of Alfheim and perhaps other games she played also. It’s unlikely but an appearance by Zekken in GGO would be awesome. :).

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