Mahou Shoujo Site – 01 – NOPE (First Impressions)

In the episode’s first couple of minutes, the protagonist Aya is already ready to throw herself in front of an approaching train. I’m not going to pick the low-hanging fruit and say this episode made me feel like doing the same when it was over…but yeah, this was pretty fucked up. And it gets worse.

Aya’s life is hell. She gets cut by tacks and razors in her school shoes. She’s forced to sit in a puddle of glue. She’s punched and kicked and plunged into the toilets, then goes home and gets severely beaten and choked out by her frustrated older brother, pleading in vain for him not to keep her from getting her period by doing too much damage.

She takes a tiny measure of solace from taking care of a stray cat, but her tormentors at school find out and promptly kill it. Oh, and they describe how it died while the senpai they brought in to rape her starts closing in.

Have you had enough yet? I certainly did. Aya is pointed in the direction of the titular “Mahou Shoujo Site” which gives her powers to exact revenge—revenge she is overwhelmingly justified in using against the sorry excuses for demons in human skin that gnaw at her day after day.

Two of her bullies and her would-be rapist are gone, but because Aya’s a decent person, she thinks killing is wrong, to the point of keeping plenty of the remaining beasts alive, who will no doubt dole out more punishment in the coming weeks.

I won’t be there to watch it. I can appreciate the message the show is trying to send—somewhat—and it’s to the show’s credit that Aya is as reluctant to kill as she is despite how much she’s suffered; despite her new powers her basic morality remains unassailable. But MSS has all the subtlety of Stone Cold Steven Austin giving a promo while on PCP. It’s just a bit too much.


Author: magicalchurlsukui

Preston Yamazuka is a staff writer for RABUJOI.

2 thoughts on “Mahou Shoujo Site – 01 – NOPE (First Impressions)”

  1. Yeah, this one really is a hard pill to swallow. I’m still not sure how I hell about it at the moment. It feels similar to the first episode of Inuyashiki with it being the world against one good character.

    1. At least with Inuyashiki there was a substantial degree of black comedy with the piling on. Even the aliens who crushed him treated it like a fender-bender.

      There was absolutely NO humor whatsoever here…not that it was called for; any humor infused in this story would have likely clashed terribly, resulting in a more muddled experience.

      Credit where it’s due, MSS commits to an atmosphere of pure, unadulterated torment and woe. Watching it makes you feel like Ichirou when he first encounters Hiro’s grisly murders.

      I’d like to say Aya already reached rock bottom, but with all the people still around who can hurt her, and her reluctance to use her new powers to their fullest, her continued suffering in various awful ways is likely to remain a essential part of the story. I’m not sure I need to see that.

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