Mahoutsukai no Yome – 24 (Fin)

Cartaphilus and Chise are both what one could call “suffering junkies”, but where they differ is the former’s willingness to make everyone around him suffer as much as possible. Chise really just causes trouble for people; there’s no malice.

She tries to take Carty down, but let’s face it, she’s not that experienced in magical combat, and Ashen Eye intervenes. That’s when the cavalry arrives in the form of Elias, Ariel, and Ruth. Ashen Eye is dispersed and Chise manages to pin Carty, but her attempted sleep spell fails (he’s immune) and he stabs her through the midsection.

Though relieved of several organs, bones and much of her blood, Chise then smiles, because this was part of the plan. She and Elias were “bound” together, so that when Carty contacts Chise by stabbing her, he opens himself up to an attack from Elias, who surrounds both Carty and Chise in thorns and removes Carty’s eye (the one he got from Chise).

Chise then puts Carty to sleep with a pretty lullaby before passing out herself from her injuries. While unconscious, she’s visited by Carty’s curse, who tells her both he and the dragon are fighting it out in her body. It will keep her alive, but one day she’ll die. So, not that much different from anyone else.

She awakens back in her bed at home, and after hugging Elias, makes him explain why he used Stella for such a nefarious purpose.

That spurs an argument between the two, but they eventually hammer out an agreement. From now on, when he’s not with her, she won’t put herself in danger, will back down if about to get hurt, and will talk to someone before she takes action.

Thankfully, Chise doesn’t find herself in danger for the rest of the finale. After checking in on a slumbering Carty (who Ashen Eye now finds boring) she takes the train to London, visits Angelica and Stella, and receives gifts from both.

Those gifts are wedding rings (which will alert their wearers when the other is in trouble), a wedding dress and veil. Chise completes her look with penny loafers for some reason (no white pumps?) but I kinda like that choice, and in any case she looks absolutely gorgeous in the sylvan glade where she awaits the arrival of Elias.

There, they both promise to share each others paths, Elias sweeps her off her feet and gives her a skull-nuzzle, and she kisses and embraces him, now married (ceremonially, if not legally under the laws of the United Kingdom). But just because she’s his bride doesn’t mean she won’t continue her mage apprenticeship.

Overall, a pleasant, if tidy, end to a series for which there were great expectations. I would say there were many times when those expectations were exceeded or met, but there were also times that could be narratively meandering or tonally muddled. Inconsistency aside, it was a fun, sometimes intense, and almost always enchanting ride.

Now…Who’s up for a Chise/Shirayuki crossover?

Author: magicalchurlsukui

Preston Yamazuka is a staff writer for RABUJOI.

3 thoughts on “Mahoutsukai no Yome – 24 (Fin)”

  1. She’s 18, so she’s legal to marry. 16 needs a parental consent. Yeah this show is an emotional journey. You’re wanting to see if Chise can find the happiness that has alluded or even plagued her since she was a little girl. Now that she has it, I don’t think she’ll let it slip. Really enjoyed this show. Score reflects that.

    1. Oh absolutely. I didn’t mean in terms of her not being of age to marry, but simply that their ceremony, lovely as it was, won’t be binding in the eyes of Her Majesty’s Government until they gave notice at the local registry office. It’s just a question of making it official by filling out the paperwork/paying the necessary fees.

  2. Interesting how, despite all the initial talk about sleigh beggies supposedly being wanted by many people for their magical powers, the show’s story was ultimately never about that. In fact, all of the dangers Chise faced was never reallyconnected to people wanting to get hold of her for being a sleigh beggy. Even this final arc was more about Cartaphilus wanting the dragon curse that she had inadvertently acquired.

    And I really love the show’s decision to go in that direction. That other story path would have turned this into your typical “damsel in distress” story. Instead it gave us a nice narrative where both Elias and Chise truly grow from the experiences they shared.

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