Fate/Extra Last Encore – 03

Shinji’s attempt to destroy Hakuno and Saber fails when Toosaka Rin shows up, hacks Shinji’s systems, and lends Hakuno and Saber a ride out of the tower on her flying motorcycle—all good stuff. We don’t learn anything more about Hakuno’s “Dead Face”, only that it drew Rin to their location.

Rin takes them to a run-down but still very stylish safe house, and explains why she interceded on their behalf: while she is only a former Master, she is the only one in the city (other than Hakuno) to have not fully surrendered to the stagnation of Mayor Matou’s grand plan.

She’s a resistance of one, and now that Hakuno, a fully-active Master, and his Servant Saber have appeared, that resistance grows to three. The only means of reaching the upper level is to defeat the “king” of the one they’re on: Shinji—who also happens to be an active Master. Hakuno and Saber met his Servant in the bar.

The morning of their assault on Central Tower, Hakuno glimpses Saber resplendent on the rooftop’s morning light, surrounded by birds. This show is nothing if not pretty and sometimes drop-dead gorgeous in its staging of people and places.

Rin assists in Hakuno and Saber’s infiltration of the tower, which necessitates her remaining behind to fight Shinji’s Berserkers, leaving the other two free to ride the elevators to the non-projection Shinji’s location.

Once they reach that location—which appears in the form of a standard Japanese school rooftop, Shinji recalls the victory that got him to where he is today. In light of that victory, he is game for a duel against Hakuno and Saber.

With that, massive walls begin to rise above the cityscape, great hatches open, and the entire level is quickly flooded with water, turning the city into an ocean. I love how intricately rendered this city has been the last two episodes, only for the show to completely destroy it here.

The reason for the transformation is that Shinji’s Servant Rider has a naval theme: she is Francis(ca?) Drake, and leads an armada of flying sailing ships to face Saber and her…saber.

Rider’s Noble Phantasm is the “Golden Wild Hunt” / Temesoro el Draque, and Saber is seemingly overwhelmed and sinks into the deluge, too low on mana to mount a counterattack.

That is, until Hakuno dives to her location on the “sea floor” and transfer his plentiful stores of mana through a kiss, which I don’t believe I’ve seen before in a Fate series.

It works a treat, and Saber rises out of the water and rams Rider’s flagship with a ship of her own, revealing her Noble Phantasm one of her skills is “Imperial Privilege”, which enables her to copy her opponent’s ability. Rider and Saber face off in a decisive dual, but Rider’s flintlocks appear to jam at a crucial moment, while Saber’s sword does not miss Rider.

Shinji gets to have an uncharacteristically noble end when he decides to ascend with his Servant rather than break his contract at the last moment to continue living.

And that’s pretty much Mission Accomplished for Hakuno and Saber. With Shinji gone, the level is restored to its true state: that of a vast, eerie, deserted ruin. That majestic city was only ever an illusion in which cowards could stagnate for all time. While that state wasn’t ideal, there is still a measure of sadness in what was lost…even if I won’t miss Shinji, as usual.

With that, a lift descends for Hakuno and Saber, which will bear them to the next level up. Rin, who obviously did not drown in the deluge, trails right behind them on her flying motorcycle. What visual wonders, challenges, Masters and Servants await them on the second level? I can’t wait to find out.

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  1. Another great episode! Shinji and Drake’s ending (it’s just Francis Drake she doesn’t have an alternate name like Arturia from Stay Night) was very poignant and all around things were nice. I’m really looking forward to the next layer.

    Just as a note though, Red Saber’s Imperial Privilege isn’t her Noble Phantasm but rather an inherent Skill, like how Saber’s Magic Resistance gave her an energy shield against Caster’s beams in Stay Night.

    You haven’t seen her Noble Phantasm yet, but I’m sure you’ll be impressed when you do.

    That said though, a Skill like Imperial Privilege sure is another hint towards Red Saber’s identity.

  2. Mild update I hope you’ll see! As you probably noticed, the first round of subs on this episode were pretty rough. Better subs came out later this week, and it became quite apparent the meanings of some things were mangled. Rewatching can be a bit of a bother though, so I took the liberty of fetching the important stuff from the better subs!

    Right before she got hit by the tidal wave, here’s what Rin said

    Rin: There’s nothing left on Earth for us to return to. This city is the last bastion of proper human society. While that’s true, if someone who still remembers what was once obvious, someone who truly wishes to survive were to come along, this moratorium will be no more. Isn’t that right, Shinji?

    And the last convo goes like this

    Nero: A champion is one who fights for a cause, right?
    Shinji: I’m just me. I couldn’t accomplish anything. I’d been watching the idleness, the worthlessness of everyone in this town for such a long time I was starting to go mad. I wanted to reject all that. But I had no power, no answers, and no courage to overturn it. That’s why I stayed here. After all, if we disappear here, humanity would be judged to be worthless. Please. They may be cowards beyond help, but so long as they live, there’s still hope that they can accomplish something…
    Hakuno: Enough. I won’t accept your excuses. But I probably… won’t hate you any more.
    Shinji: What’s that supposed to mean?
    Drake: Shinji, looks like you had a friend after all.

    In general if possible, avoiding FM Subs (you’ll know them because they have an umu counter) and waiting for Chuyuu subs is generally advisable

    1. Thanks for this! Honestly, I’ll probably re-watch episodes 3-4 and wait for better subs for episode 5…it seems to be well worth the wait.

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