Kujira no Kora wa Sajou ni Utau – 03

The docile, frightened, and mostly defenseless denizens of Falaina are absolutely no match for the surprise attack by the efficient, emotionless raiding parties of Skylos, who use their thymia to kill with rifles, spears, swords and maces. Chakuro tries to run away carrying Sami, but he trips, and the way her body falls indicates that she’s already dead.

Ouni manages to get released from his cell, and proves more than capable of killing a good number of the enemy…but one man simply won’t be enough. Back in the fields, soldiers advance on Chakuro, but in his combined grief and rage he manages to hold them off with his Thymia until Lykos arrives.

Lykos, or rather Lykos “#32” as she’s called by an oddly giddy and sadistic pink-haired associate who holds a high rank among the enemy, was originally sent to exterminate Falaina. It would appear she failed, and regained emotions.

Now her brother, Commander Orka, is content to leave her on Falaina as a human experiment, to see how long she lasts among the “sinners.” The enemy withdraws, but after torturing two of their soldiers, Ouni learns they’ll be back in just a week’s time. Lykos, it would seem, has picked Chakuro and Falaina over her brother and home country.

It doesn’t look like pacifism and negotiation are in the cards, nor does there seem to be a “misunderstanding.” The people of Falaina are in a war with their very existence in the balance, period. While it isn’t great to see Ouni shed so much blood on his own, I see few alternatives.

As for Chakuro, after a gorgeous but immensely sad funeral service for the dozens lost, including Sami, he simply wishes he could die right then and there. He doesn’t want to be in this world anymore.

Who can blame him? I’m not even sure I want to be here. While the heroic arc obviously requires some initial hardship to be overcome, it was not fun watching men, women, and children callously mowed down. There also seemed to be a lot of the enemy soldiers simply…standing around for long pauses while their victims try to process what’s happening.

Other than Ouni, Lykos, and maaaybe Chakuro (if he can learn to control his power) this entire community looks utterly unequipped for the conflict ahead. Hopefully a few steadfast defenders will be able to curb further slaughter.

Author: magicalchurlsukui

Preston Yamazuka is a staff writer for RABUJOI.

3 thoughts on “Kujira no Kora wa Sajou ni Utau – 03”

  1. Somehow I think the Skylosians will receive a much hotter welcome if they return. Also Pinky may have a sticky ending somewhere down the line coming his way as the karma truck inevitably runs him down…

    1. One would hope, although between the powerless Unmarked and an entire island of Marked who were never taught and never thought to use Thymia for violence (Suou excepted, though even Suou’s crew was caught with their pants down), they remain at a distinct advantage. Especially if you consider how much easier it is to kill if you’ve been purged of all emotion.

      Speaking of which, HAS all emotion been purged from Pinky? ‘Cause he seemed pretty giddy about the whole invasion, not to mention getting super creepy with the women. Perhaps he’s just been purged of human empathy?

      In any case, I feel like every other show has this kind of crazy flamboyant unhinged baddie. He’s pretty boring, frankly, so he can go ahead and get his ASAP.

      1. Pinky may have been emotionless once but he is definitely showing signs of developing CUVS (Cackling Unhinged Villain Syndrome), but being essentially a minion to cold duty driven Oniisan he may turn out to be expendable in a mid season episode climactic fight scene hook involving Pinky, Chakuro, and Lykos. The end state of CUVS usually a very final comeuppance where all their insane cackling, sneering, and eye-rolling comes home to roost (here’s hoping anyway)…

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