Shokugeki no Souma 3 – 01 (First Impressions)

Food Wars is back, baby! FWIII. It’s a brand new autumn, Souma’s got a brand-new scooter (which he rides at low speed so Megumi can keep up—nice!), and it’s almost time for something he’s never heard of: Totsuki’s Moon Festival, which will feature many a food booth, including some from the Elite Ten.

Souma picks out one of the friendlier-seeming of the group—Eighth Seat Kuga Terunomi, voiced by Kaji Yuki—and gets him to agree to a Shokugeki with his seat on the line if he can cook him something good. Megumi, Erina, and many of Souma’s other peers can only sigh at their poor friend displaying his appalling naïveté once more; trying to go up against Kuga and outsell him with half a plan is like simply walking into Mordor: One Doesn’t Simply Do That.

But this is Souma we’re talking about: he does things whether they’re done or not, sometimes without even knowing the significance of his actions. Since Kuga’s specialty is Chinese cuisine (specifically Sichuan) Megumi introduces him to Hojo Miyoko, who then takes him to Kuga’s well-oiled machine of a club where legions of identical baldies cook perfect Sichuan mapo tofu (one of my personal faves) perfectly before Souma’s eyes.

While a supremely confident fellow, Kuga’s team’s performance does finally impress upon Souma the weight of what he means to accomplish. It also helps to learn certain important details about the festival he means to dominate, like, say, the number of expected daily servings (>1,000) or the different sections of the festival (ranging from low-cost, high-volume main street to the rarefied air of the no-limit Yamanote area.

Souma, antagonizing Erina without even trying as usual, spends the days leading up to the application deadline mulling over how he can possibly compete seriously against an immensely powerful and popular force like Kuga, but it’s his proximity to Erina that allows it to dawn on him: he’ll leech excess customers off Kuga, like he did with Erina.

SnS settles back into a groove almost as effortlessly as Erina gets pissed off by Souma. While focusing on Souma, Kuga, and the upcoming festival, it casually reintroduces the core and a few key secondary and tertiary characters from last season. The intro to the complete Elite Ten was a bit overwhelming, but obviously Souma will only be dealing with one at a time.

Oh yeah, and if his booth loses money, Souma will be…EXPELLED. *GASP!* Hmm…now where have I heard that before? That’s a hollow threat and I won’t fall for it, show. Nevertheless, for Souma and his challenge of the master of spicy Sichuan cuisine, the heat…  ( •_•)>⌐□-□. (⌐□_□) will be on.

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5 thoughts on “Shokugeki no Souma 3 – 01 (First Impressions)”

  1. It’s a bit unfair, but the anime covered the two chapters between the last ep of season 2 and this ep in an OVA. That OVA covers the introduction to the elite 10 at the leaf viewing that this episode briefly flashes back to.

  2. there’s difference about the conversation scene with erina in the hallway and in the classroom. in the manga, she never told him to not talk to her (during the hallway scene) and she didn’t even told him to go away (during the classroom scene). sigh…. this anime. sabotaging her like this….

    1. Even without ever reading the manga, I know there’s a side of Erina that doesn’t mind Souma at all and may even appreciate how he interacts with her on equal terms despite her higher status both at Totsuki and in society in general.

      I just wish we got to see more of that side!

      Ikumi’s quick about-turn upon realizing she was being snippy with Erina was pretty great though.

      1. Oh don’t worry, you WILL get to see much more of this side. If anything, from the character development aspect in general, S3 will be fantastic – many changes with _lasting_ impact. Not the typical “reset button at the end of the story arc” kind of stuff.

        You haven’t read the manga? Oh how I envy you… in my opinion, the upcoming arcs are among the very best in the show.

        Also – not sure if you noticed – they’ve been pulling an absolute all-star lineup for the seiyuus.

        Eishi: Akira Ishida
        Momo: Kugimiya Rie
        Eizan: Tomokazu Sugita
        Nene: Kana Hanazawa
        Kuga: Kaji Yuki

        and most importantly, my most favorite seiyuu ever for by far the best new character:

        Rindou: Shizuka Itou

        It really doesn’t get better than that.

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