Classroom of the Elite – 08

This week begins with a production of Icarus in an unfamiliar venue—did the school have such a sumptuous theater?—and an ultimatum from Chabashira-sensei to Ayanokouji: try, actually make an effort to get into Class A…or be expelled. Someone outside the school wants him gone, but Chabashira is willing to let Ayano stay around—but only if he plays ball and makes it worth her while.

We then learn the entire school is not at school at all, but aboard a gargantuan luxury cruise ship. The luxury part comes naturally to the higher-ranked classes, but Sudo and his crew stick out like sore thumbs, while still others (Ichinose and Hoshinomiya-sensei) avail themselves of the fanservice spa facilities.

The only two people neither having a good time nor trying to have a good time are—you guessed it—Ayano and Horikita. They’re weary. This whole cruise has been free and there’s been no explanation for its existence…so what’s the catch?

While the two are sitting at a bar alone together, pondering that question, Ryuuen shows up and calls Horikita out for the camera prank that saved Sudo. Ryuuen is overly familiar and grabby, and returns Horikita’s disgust with a promise she’ll be seeing a lot of him.

They are interrupted by a very ill-tempered classmate of Ryuuen’s who is apparently sick and tire of “how he does things.” She’s flung aside by Ryuuen’s bodyguard Albert, but doesn’t give Ayanokouji anything when he asks what’s up, so all he and Horikita know is that there is tension within Class C.

Some use the cruise as an excuse to try to nab a romantic partner: Ike with Kushida (he chokes and settles for first-name terms), Sudo with Horikita (never gonna happen), and Sakura with Ayanokouji (she hesitates and is interrupted by Kushida).

Because Sakura can sense Kushida is hiding something behind her public image, she skitters off, and before long, Ayano also tires of her friendly girl act and starts to take his leave.

Kushida then changes tone for the first time since the first time, but doesn’t threaten Ayano, just gets him to acknowledge he’s weary around her, while she’s…well, she just doesn’t like being left alone so soon after showing up.

The episode’s title, “Abandon all hope, ye who enter here” from Dante’s Inferno, provides some early insight into what we and the students are in for. Those are the words inscribed on the gates of Hell, and Hell, albeit in the form of a gorgeous island, seems to be their destination (though none of these kids are anywhere near the middle of their lives).

Once they spot that island, the faculty announces a week-long survival test will take place on the island. I imagine then, that we’re in for some Lord of the Flies kid self-rule adventures next week, with all of the different character and class dynamics touched on this week and in weeks prior will come into play in an all-new, less academic setting. I look forward to it.

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4 thoughts on “Classroom of the Elite – 08”

  1. Kikyou seems to really make an effort trying to get close to those who are “wary” of her. Apparently she has a good feel on who’s not taken in by her outward persona. I wonder what all that is about. Why does she try so hard to get in Horikita’s good graces when she hates her? Is there some kind of pride to it? There’s defiantly more to her than she’s letting on.

    I lol’d at the idiot trio’s antics. I’m not totally surprised that Sudo’s done a 180 and is now pinning for Horikita. After all she did go out of her way not once, but twice to pull his ass out of the fire. But that’s just not going to happen, no way haha. I’m more curious about how Ayanokouji feels towards the opposite sex. I know he’s not dense, so he might have an idea on how Sakura sees him? Or is his romance-o-radar broken? Him and Horikita have a thing going, but I honestly can’t sense if he’s even considering any kind of relationship at all. Most harem protags wear their hearts on their sleeves, but Ayanokouji is so deadpan (probably as a result of his past) that I can’t tell if he’s hiding his emotions, or just doesn’t feel that much in the first place.

  2. An 8 seems generous.

    The episode starts out with Ayanokouji getting physically violent with a woman – and his teacher – over the prospect of being expelled. Nowhere in the previous seven episodes is this sort of response suggested to be something A might do to protect his high school life. It is completely out of character.

    Then there is some innocuous RomCom stuff.

    Then there is the fish-out-of-water restaurant scene. Up to this point there were no obvious class distinctions being used a the basis for being put into Class D, but rather personal flaws, Ayanokouji’s detachment, Horikita’s desire to impress her brother, Sayura’s shyness, Kushida’s split personality, and so on. This is, again, out of nowhere.

    Then there is the *umpteenth* accidental occasion for A to observe something that will move the story along, in this case Class C’s internal divisions. This is laziness on the part of the writers.

    Personally, after some high hopes, I’m getting annoyed by this show.

    I’m reduced to hoping that in episode 9 Skull Island is infested with Titans…

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