Aho Girl – 08

Yoshiko continues to methodically tear down the Gals’ rep by digging into their love lives…or lack thereof. Turns out the only one with a “boyfriend” has neither kissed, held hands, or even told him she likes him. Yoshiko is ruthless in her mockery of the surprisingly pure gal, but does get her to express her feelings to the guy.

Yoshiko then inserts herself in the middle of the little kids’ field trip snack-shopping mission, where she dissuades them from buying chips or chocolate lest they get crushed or melt. She also points out the high-priced deluxe Pocky that must not be purchased no matter what…only for Nozomi to not only buy it (with all her money) but is nice enough to share with everyone.

Fuuki Iinchou has to be taken to the roof by Sayaka to try to get her to stop acting so crazy around A-kun, but Fuuki, blinded by love, has no idea how erratically or insanely she’s behaving. When Sayaka tells her the truth, Fuuki is so devastated Sayaka has to take it all back as joking around. This is beyond Sayaka’s ability to deal with alone, if at all.

Lastly, Yoshiko and Dog meet Sayaka’s dog, Pomi the Pomeranian. At first Yoshiko thinks she’s ludicrously tiny and weak, until it’s Dog cowering in fear behind her skirt. Yoshiko misreads their romantic interactions for aggression, but Dog is ultimately too embarrassed and runs off, with Yoshiko riding him, of course.

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Zane Kalish is a staff writer for RABUJOI.

3 thoughts on “Aho Girl – 08”

  1. I think Aho Girl is definitely slipping. The last two or three episodes have been a definite step down in the strength of the jokes on display culminating in the latest episode which opened with a weak gag about the Gal friends love life and then followed that up with Fuuki and Sayaka on the roof which had no discernible punchline and ended with a pretty mild skit about dog interactions. Maybe they’ve used up their best material in the first four or five episodes and are now skating towards the end of the season? I think Aho Girl was at its best when Yoshiko’s naive stupidity collides with Japanese social mores and then subverts them, the last three eps haven’t done that as successfully. However, it leaves me hoping they are saving something good up for the shows left to go in the series.

    1. I enjoyed Yoshiko doing something she didn’t intend to do—essentially expose the gals as frauds—after approaching them from a position of deference and admiration. But her takedown did seem more ‘self-aware’ at times than an Aho Girl should be.

      Also, between this and Hajimete no Gal (which I dropped), a running theme of Summer 2017 seems to be “Gals are people too!”

      1. I’m watching Hajimete no Gal also. I think I’m getting more genuine laughs out of HnG than Aho Girl at the moment. After an awkward start it has improved a fair bit. Now the characters are established and its developed a bit of an ensemble feel to it. The (still insecure) MC has discovered that being considerate gets him farther than obsessing over getting Yumi into bed (though he’d still like to). His friends are still hopeless but funny and unfortunately the pedo hasn’t been locked up set so they are still running a few jokes about his loli fixation. It is still mildly ecchi bu the message has changed to one that humorously points out if the ecchi is all you think about, then you don’t see the person, which alright by me. At its best its been really funny at times – I don’t think I will ever look at a Kirito cos play the same way again. :)

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