Classroom of the Elite – 06

Dayum, this show keeps finding new heights of awesomeness. Not only does it constantly zag when I expect it to zig, it manages to juggle a whole array of different plot lines of varying importance with staggering ease.

Did I think Sakura was going to end up being the target of a stalker? No, but the incident is instrumental in Ayanokouji continuing to gain her trust, especially after he says her good works at the trial gained his, Horitika’s Kushida’s, and probably Sudo’s and the rest of the class’s. The timing is perfect for Sakura; unfortunately, when she’s about to bring up her problem, Ayano is called away.

Did I think the latest Sudo situation would be resolved so cleverly, outside the walls of the courtroom? No, and neither did Horikita, until Ayano brings up security cameras. This gets the wheels turning, resulting in a gambit in which Kushida lures Sudo’s accusers to a certain spot where there are cameras, but instead of her meeting them, it’s Ayano and Horikita.

There, the two set to work stuffing the accusers into a smaller and smaller box. Horikita tells them they believe the school has acted the way it did because it is testing them to resolve it themselves, and will expel the accusers for lying because they already know everything…because there are cameras everywhere.

Driving that point home when one of the guy’s temper gets the best of him, the accusers surrender and agree to withdraw their complaint. It’s a masterfully-executed plan that came out of nowhere. No more trial!

It’s a stunning victory that gets Class D its meager but significant points back and clears Sudo of wrongdoing. As for the cameras, they were purchased and planted by Ayano, using funds he borrowed from Ichinose (who as we know is swimming in cash).

Just beneath the main Sudo storyline lurks Sakura’s plight, as she’s finally cornered in a dark alley by her creepy stalker, who is exactly who we thought would be her stalker: the camera store guy. Sakura is in a very bad way here, with the guy starting to force himself on her.

It looks for all the world that in order to save Sudo and the class, Ayano had to neglect someone, and that someone unfortunately would end up being Sakura. But that turns out not to be the case, as Sakua managed to call Ayano, and he uses that call to pinpoint her position and stop the assault, with Ichinose and two cops in tow.

Now that she’s in a safe position, Sakua finds the courage to give her stalker a piece of her mind (even though a part of me wondered if some of his rambling was actually true…and yes I feel dirty about that but this is a show that seems to keep all its options on the table). She then removes her glasses, a symbolic gesture of taking off her “mask.”

Chabashira-sensei has some questions for Horikita, but doesn’t press the issue when her student “leaves it to her imagination” how she managed to get the Class C accusers to withdraw. What sensei does do is ask Horikita why, rhetorically, someone as talented as Ayano is dabbling in obscurity in Class D, suggesting he is the most “defective” of the class by far. Sudo, meanwhile, seems genuinely grateful to Horikita, calling her “amazing” to Ayano.

President Horikita is similarly impressed with Ayanokouji, who mananged to somehow bypass the trial altogether and resolve the conflict between the classes without breaking a sweat or even leaving any fingerprints.

We also get a glimpse at the power struggle between Ryuuen, who suffered a defeat when the accusers recanted, and Sakayanaki, his Class A rival for kingship of the school. Looks like the show is going to keep expanding beyond the core triad of Ayano, Horikita, and Kushida—and I have every confidence it will be able to pull it off.

That being said, the episode ends right back with Ayano and Horikita, with the latter calling the former out for planting the seed of security cameras in her head, leading her to forge false evidence to win the day. Horikita is eager to know what Ayano is thinking and who exactly he is.

All Ayano does is reiterate his promise to help Horikita get to Class A. Other than that, he asks her not to “pry into his life.” From the glimpse of his past as a child in a line of others undergoing some kind of conditioning, it’s clear the character with the darkest secrets of all in  Classroom of the Elite seems to be its protagonist, one Ayanokouji Kiyotaka.

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Zane Kalish is a staff writer for RABUJOI.

4 thoughts on “Classroom of the Elite – 06”

  1. Funnily enough in the previous episode, I actually wondered about the camera shop guy. He was being so hamfistedly presented as creepy and disgusting that I thought it might have been because he was shown through Sakura’s PoV. Basically to let us viewers get an idea of why she’s so shy around people. In the end he actually was a full blown creep haha, I suppose that still serves to justify Sakura’s mask though. On the other hand I suppose the recording camera was a hint in this direction.

    You know, it would be a rather interesting twist if Sakura actually WAS manipulating the disgusting otaku guy. She’s actually playing off on people’s expectations that the cute helpless seeming girl is the victim, and the ugly obsessed loser is the evil one. I don’t expect this is the case, but hey after Kushida I wouldn’t be surprised if it were.

    1. With the creeper guy, it did initially seem like Sakura was making a lot out of nothing (though Ayano did mention how a guy like that would be particularly hard for her to deal with). Then they subverted the subversion by making Sakura’s suspicions about him 100% correct and then some.

      After all, we saw how differently Sakura interacted with Kushida (who is hiding her true nature) and Ayano (who…well…is ALSO hiding his true nature, but is apparently much better at it!)

      Some close-ups of Sakura momentarily planted the seed that she may actually have manipulated him. Like you, I wouldn’t be surprised! But I think I’d prefer if Sakura weren’t that devious…

      1. One pretending character is enough for my classroom intrigue show kthx! There would probably be too much character overlap with Kushida if Sakura was also like that.

        The biggest thing that had me wondering was when Camera guy mentioned posting pics on the internet. Like wut, isn’t she already doing that? That’s what got me thinking with the whole “what if she’s actually doing the manipulating” thing. But I think the start of the episode had comments from multiple people, so that doesn’t check out.

  2. Wheels within wheels. Truths hidden within lies, a ruthless and unsettling battle of power between classes. This is one scary school! This sure ain’t K-on! 😃

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