THE PURGE: RABUJOI Summer 2017 Edition

We haven’t had a major purge since Fall 2016, but Summer 2017 has turned out to be a major disappointment overall, so a culling was necessary and inevitable.

Specifically, we are saying goodbye to THE REFLECTION, Shoukoku no Altairand Isekai Shokudou, effective immediately. All three suffer from different degrees of mediocrity, and interest has waned.

Those who continue to follow the three axed shows, we apologize for cutting our reviews short, and thank you for reading up to this point.

In other news, now freed from two less-than-stellar shows, Braverade has finally, finally committed to watching the vaunted Fate/Zero, which has been highly recommended from readers both here and elsewhere.

It’s currently available to stream on Netflix in the U.S.; expect the first review in the next few days.


8 thoughts on “THE PURGE: RABUJOI Summer 2017 Edition”

  1. Would you guys mind to check out Princess Principal as well? It might be a bit late now seeing 4 episodes has aired already but I still want to hear your opinions about the show.

  2. Please consider having a look at Made In Abyss and Classroom of The Elite. Both good shows this season…

    1. Princess Principal is also good but now needs to do something a little different in future episodes to maintain it’s impact.

    2. The “Precious Moments” character style kept me away initially, but perhaps I’ll give Made in Abyss (almost typed Maybe in Abyss!) a try at some point, esp. now that I’m moving on from Nekoya.

    1. Fate Zero is very good. Certainly better than the ponderous Unlimited Blade Works series anyway.

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