Knight’s & Magic – 02

Last week’s K&M was conspicuous in its lack of serious mortal peril, but this week brought the danger from the beginning, as a “Division-Class” Demon Beast (called a “Behemoth” but really more of an Adamantoise) rampages on a fort protecting the capital and several knight runners end up squashed and/or smashed to death.

As that same beast nears the forest where the students are training, Sefania and Addy fight over Eru until the order to get the hell out of dodge is given…only Eru doesn’t leave with the others. Instead, he sees one of the runners protecting them running away. It’s Dietrich, a pilot who saw his comrade get hit by the Behemoth’s breath and simply lost his nerve and turned tail.

Eru helps himself to Dietrich’s cockpit, using his dual gunblades to customize the robot to his smaller frame in a nifty bit of MacGyver-like innovation rife with less-nifty technobabble. Bottom line, Eru is able to increase the robot’s speed, agility, and strength, and with the aid of reinforcements, is able to bring the beast down by sending a pulse of lightning through its eye, leading to a monster aneurysm and Game Over for Mr. Behemoth.

Dietrich’s comrades lament his death and sacrifice and curse themselves for thinking ill of him for running…until Eru emerges with an unconscious Dietrich. I’m sure Eru won’t tell them he’s the one who brought the robot back into the fight, while when the cards were down, Dietrich was a coward. But whatever comes out of it, word of a child outperforming all the other knight runners gets to the king, and he wishes to meet Eru ASAP.

This K&M was fun in its execution of the boss battle, but there was no getting around the fact it was a rehash of the first episode’s “Eru Is Good At Everything And Everybody Loves Him”, and it felt smaller and less sprawling than the first, which covered several years. Maybe Eru’s dealings with the kings and/or the knight runner elite will provide some challenge for him, but as he never struggled that mightily against a damn Behemoth, I’m not holding my breath!

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Preston Yamazuka is a staff writer for RABUJOI.

2 thoughts on “Knight’s & Magic – 02”

  1. This was a pretty good episode I thought. The action scenes were well choreographed and animated. Okay the behemoth thing looked like a giant Alligator Snapping Turtle but that could happen right? Who knows how division class demon beasts develop? Maybe it is their revenge for frequently having their peace disturbed by being pulled out of the Everglade swamps by their tails by all those nature documentary guys …

    Ernest seems to succeed at everything he does, assisted by his other world programming knowledge. However, the ‘Higher Ups’ could have just as easily have created him without that detail but as talented and he still would have worked as a character because he is such a likeable fellow so far. In fact his engaging character is what saves this series so far from just being ho-hum as the support characters are rather mono-dimensional and the action whilst well done, is not state of the art. I’d also like to see him explore his awareness of two worlds more but I guess he has a whole series to do that.

    Next episode Ernie seems to have attracted the attention of a typically dodgy king who Machiavellian ways will no doubt after some initial pleasantries, proceed to make young Ernest’s life extremely difficult from then on.

    1. Yeah, he’s certainly not annoyingly, Inaho perfect, despite always succeeding. Takahashi Rie does a good job voicing the kid in a way that makes him likable.

      The only issue is that he avoid making the existing knight runners look too incompetent/stupid. At least in this battle, the reinforcements were up to snuff. Dietrich losing it, on the other hand, felt like a transparent plot device to quickly get Eru into the cockpit.

      I’m just looking forward to Eru running into some kind of challenge in this world for once, after several years of smooth sailing.

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