Fate / Apocrypha – 02

While still not quite exciting enough to fully recommend, the second episode of Fate/Apoc is nevertheless an improvement, as things move from the explanation of the mechanics of this new Grail War to all of its various players. There are many little scenes in which a master and servant introduce themselves.

That interaction ranges from Gordes yelling at his Black Saber, Siegfried, to Celenike licking her new “toy”, Black Rider AKA Astolfo, 12th Paladin of Charlemagne. The servants are represented not just from historical heroes, but a fictional monster like Frankenstein’s, or Jack the Ripper.

Kairi meets and gets to know Red Saber AKA Mordred, “son” of Arthur. Kairi gets off to the wrong start when he calls her a woman, but as long as she’s able to pull an Excalibur-like sword out of the stone and become King, she’s willing to work with the guy. Aside from Caules testing Black Berserker (Frankenstein)’s power, Red Saber and Kairi’s raid of the Yggdmillennia stronghold of Trifas is the only sustained action we get.

It’s a quick fight, only meant to test both sides of the conflict, and Red Saber and Kairi find a nice rhythm. I also liked Saber’s ability to add and shed armor according to the situation (she seems prefer wearing as little as possible)

We’ve got two Sabers, two Archers, two Assassins, two Berserkers…you get the idea. But there’s also a “watchdog” in Kotomine Shirou, who is planning to kill the fifteenth servant to make an appearance in this war: Ruler, who bookends this episode and is established as being Jeanne d’Arc (the second one I’m watching after Baha Soul) and being on her way to Trifas.

We’ve yet to met her master, but as he and she are listed as the two main characters (and displayed as such in the promo art) this is still very much another piece-introducing and arranging episode. Other than the deliberate pace, the animation still sticks out as lacking compared to ufotable works, but at the same time the characters seem to have a lot more “punch” to them, particularly the more fiery Red Saber.

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  1. ;;;/ I’d recommend rewatching or skimming through if you can at some point; I’m sure you probably noticed as well that the subs were very rough, and gave the wrong idea on a number of things. (such as Mordred asking Kairi what he thought of her fighting becoming “you want to fight me?” and whatnot)

    The UTW release is up now though and will probably replace those subs on whatever platform you watched them on shortly

    Also first big fight is next week, I expect it to be like seven minutes and utilize moar budget and stuff than beforehand, look forward to it ovo/ (due to how the anime is paced there’ll be fite every episode almost lmao)

  2. Yeah, it might be best in the future to wait for better subs if the rushed fansub group tries to do it again.

    Let’s see, to give a cliff notes of what went wrong.

    Shakespeare came in quoting himself “a horse a horse a kingdom for my horse!”, notes that Spartacus (not a Spartan man) has begun to march on the Black Faction’s citadel, and his smirk is because he’s who incited Spartacus to do so.

    It’s Noble Phantasm, not Treasure, just like in UBW.

    Vlad talking about another war is a complete miss; what he’s saying is “in life, I didn’t have generals of such caliber to lead my armies, and thus I was captured”, hence the overview of the Black Faction’s members right afterwards.

    Shirou Kotomine who looks like UBW Archer (I wonder if you can figure out who he is), is the overseer of the war just like Kirei Kotomine was in F/SN, albeit this time he’s (not secretly) a Master on the Red Faction since the Church has teamed up with em. His ordering the death of the war’s neutral arbitrator is something of a warning sign he’s up to something.

    Mordred was like “how was my fighting? :D” not “want to fight me?” and when asked about throwing the sword is all “Results are what matter the most”, something Kairi agrees with. “Father didn’t recognize my skill and I rebelled just to show him how meaningless his reign is worth” is also what she said earlier.

    Das p much all the big stuff =w=/

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