Knight’s & Magic – 01 (First Impressions)

First, let’s get one thing out of the way: the title of this show is stupid. What’s with the apostrophe? That doesn’t belong there, before an ampersand! That aside, even if it were Knights & Magic, that’s still a painfully generic title, which does an otherwise fun and inventive show no favors.

Yes, it’s true: aside from the awful title and the oft-overused “killed in real world, reincarnated in the fantasy world” trope, K&M turns in a damned entertaining and absorbing first episode, covering no less than three different timelines in the life of one Ernesti Echevarria, a very pretty, short-statured boy who happens to have the soul and intellect of an elite video game programmer…and mecha otaku.

In “Eru’s” new world, magic works a lot like programming, so he’s a wiz who not only quickly rises in the ranks of the youth in magical training, but spreads the wealth around. Quickly befriending twins Ady and Kid Olter, he teaches them magic and they get quite good at it.

He also befriends a dwarf, Baston, whose father makes him a gunblade with which he basically tests out of the fundamentals class so he can be in the more advanced silhouette knight design course. Eru is a kid who’s going places, but he’s a very modest, decent sort of kid without a shred of arrogance, as so far, hes able to back up his words with action every time.

Three-quarters in, and it seems K&M‘s only casualty will be a dead horse at the hands of Demon Beasts, but Eru & Co. get their first taste of combat, with him and the twins helping to save their older (and legitimate) sister Stefania from a suspiciously huge horde of the beasts, while and even larger boss-level monster looms for next week.

Just as Eru gets his first taste of magical combat in which he’s the combatant, rather than someone being protected, we get a decent first taste of K&M, it’s world, its workings, and a surprisingly likable core cast (including Takahashi Rie’s voicing of Eru).

It did seem like an odd choice to have so much voiceover narration in the epsiode, and to only show Kurata “inside the head” of Eru just once. However, the real world prologue does serve a purpose in that the reincarnated protagonist possesses gifts and perspective neither a boy nor anyone in his new world would otherwise have.

Overall, a pleasant, upbeat, and attractive first outing. I’ll be back!

Author: magicalchurlsukui

Preston Yamazuka is a staff writer for RABUJOI.

5 thoughts on “Knight’s & Magic – 01 (First Impressions)”

  1. I’m not sure, so another reader may correct me, but I think that’s some fast paced adaptation. Well, I did find the LN somehow slow, so having it animated (by the way, that’s some good art, I was expecting worse to be honest) in such a way makes it more thrilling.

  2. The anime breezed through the 1st half of Vol 1, which is character intros and some worldbuilding, but no robot action. Likely the anime wants to get to the mecha action part in Vol 1’s 2nd half ASAP.

    1. I’ll watch another episode to confirm, but barring a disaster it’s probably on mine too.

      “ERASED meets Grimgar” definitely came to mind (if not Grimgar, something like Log Horizon, Re:Zero, or SAO)

  3. There is also “In Another World With My Smartphone” which covers similar ground (reincarnation, magical worlds) etc. “In Another World” (etc) is more obviously generic and will play up the joke harem elements I think. It’s like a straight version of Konosuba, which is a very dangerous territory for an anime to attempt I feel.

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