RokuAka – 12 (Fin)

Rock Bottom: Leos threatens a frightened Sistine into submission; if it means protecting Rumia, she’ll marry him; sure, whatever. Rumia visits the absent Glenn, who say’s he’s got this. But then the day of Sistine’s sham wedding arrives, with no Glenn in sight. Sisti is resplendent in her nuptial white, but her face is a mask. Rumia and Re=L aren’t fooled; Leos is a Bad Man. But where the heck is their hero?

Ah, there he is. Just when Leos is about to plant a kiss on Sistine’s lips to seal the deal, he bursts in to object to and cancel the wedding. Sistine, who had worked so hard to steel herself, and isn’t convinced Rumia will be safe if she doesn’t do as Leos says, is initially upset about being saved.

But Glenn insists he’s got this. When hordes of Angel Dust addict puppets appear, things start to feel a lot like the battle he fought years ago; the one in which Sara died. Meanwhile, Sisti gets a front-row seat to some bloody, intense professional mage shit…and she’s not steeled for that.

When Leos turns out not to be Leos, but a former fellow Mage Corpse Executioner, Jatice Lowfan (dumb name), who tells them the real Leos died horribly, Glenn again orders Sistine to get the hell out of here; she doesn’t belong in this world.

She obeys, but after slipping in her long, bloodsoaked gown, she remembers how much she cares for Glenn and isn’t willing to let him kill himself in some random fight for which he already carries emotional baggage.

She tears away excess fabric so she can run and saves Glenn from a critical hit in the nick of time. She knows she doesn’t belong in this world…but neither does he. She’s taking him back where they both belong.

Glenn and Sisti form a two-man cell and proceed to hand Jatice his ass-tice, even ruining his lovely summoned esper, Justia. Jatice straight up wasn’t expecting Sistine to join the battle; not when he was sure he’d sufficiently messed up in the head with the Leos wedding ordeal.

So yeah, it’s another villain who simply underestimates the power of Sisti, Glenn, or the combination of the two. He admits defeat this time and strolls off…but of course, This Isn’t Over…Jatice is after the titular Akashic Records that allow their owner to essentially rule the world, and he thinks he has to get rid of Glenn with his own hands to do so.

As bad guys go, Jatice is pretty lame; as his his name. But the threat he poses will surely drive a chunk of a second season, if RokuAka ever gets one (I’ve heard no plans). Nevertheless, the re-reconciliation between Sisti and Glenn, and in particularly Sisti overcoming her fear, saving Glenn rather than vice versa, and fighting by his side made for a satisfying tentative conclusion.

RokuAka was far from perfect, but it featured a great core of highly likable, rootable characters which kept things entertaining and made it easier to overlook the fact the show’s not that great-looking. Not only that, but starting with its first episode, it’s always had a great way with its audience, balancing comedy, drama, and outright peril with wry aplomb. If a Season 2 ever surfaces, sign me up.

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Preston Yamazuka is a staff writer for RABUJOI.

5 thoughts on “RokuAka – 12 (Fin)”

  1. Not bad I’d say. Better than the standard harem romcom action fare we always get. The production values were low, but Roku Aka had some strong characters. I have to admit it was pretty nice to see Glenn go full pro killer mode as well as Sisti face her fears. The difference between Sisti and Rumia is pretty apparent throughout the series. They really drive home the fact that Sisti is just a normal girl thrown into situations she can’t handle. Meanwhile Rumia is already prepared for death x.x. I wonder how much combat prowess Rumia has though. We never get a chance to see her actually fight.

  2. This show is carried by the awesome characters and their interaction. I could watch Glenn/Sisti antics for hours and never get bored. And I’m saying that while thinking that Rumia is one of the strongest and most likable female characters I’ve come across in a long time. Re=L doesn’t do much for me, but Celica is awesome, as well.

    If the novels were available in English, I believe that I’d marathon them in 1-2 nights. Alas…

  3. I must admit the longer I watched RokuAka the less I enjoyed it. It all became a bit ho-hum and the last episode was typical of that I thought. The key villain turns out to be not the somewhat menacing sneering Leos but some dumb cackler whose plan for world domination all hinges on a magic fight up an alley (really?). Jatice (You are right that is such a dumb name) was nowhere threatening enough nor interesting enough for a peak final episode villain and the whole thing came off as anti-climatictic and a bit of yawn. And they let him escape like he didn’t matter. Oh and after an entire series, the Akashic Records finally get trotted out as being somehow important also.
    While writing this the thought reoccurs to me that Bastard Instructor tried walking the fine line between action show and harem comedy, and, after a promising start, in the end it didn’t do either genre that well. Maybe the source material was weak, I don’t know. With at least three (four?) major plot lines left hanging in the final episode it seems to be that the pitch for a second series may have already been made and accepted. Would I watch a second series? Probably – unless a certain Index III is being aired at the same time. Rumia, Sisti, and Glenn were interesting characters, they just needed to be given better material…

    1. Rumia, Sisti, and Glenn were interesting characters, they just needed to be given better material…

      You hit the nail on the head. So many shows either have a great story/plot, a great setting, OR great characters. I could take or leave the magical setting, but RokuAka at least had strong characters (I could also count Celica, but thank you for not including Re=L!).

      But yeah, this episode had the distinct feel of a show that had thrown up too many plot balls and wasn’t even going to try catching them all. Villains have been a huge liability with this show, especially since all involved capturing one of the three girls in one form or another.

      And the “Akashic Records”, while they may actually serve an important role in the source material, aren’t even a MacGuffin at this point, because our protagonists don’t know what they are. They’re clearly a means for world domination, but for this 12-episode run, there simply wasn’t time to build things up to an ‘entire world is threatened’ situation.

      The good news for any possible second cour is that at least RokuAka had that strong core trio, which is not nothing. But I agree that it’s pretty much all it accomplished. And the Sky Castle remains frustratingly distant…

      1. One thing that really got me in the final episode was the decision to kill Leos off off screen. They spent two episodes building him up as an almost passable villain and out he goes off screen not with a bang but a whimper. At least if he was seen to be killed off by Jatice, that at least would have given old Jats some cache as a villain.
        Now that Sisti has been revealed as a strong mage, it’s possible next time (if) for the key three to become involved in concurrent plot lines if the writers had a mind, making the whole series more dynamic. The key three are strong enough to move the harem element into the background and focus on action and story also. Oh and send the writers off to villain school for a crash course in how to create a decent bad guy… 🙂

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