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After a super-clunky third mini-arc finale, RokuAka rebounds with a strong opening for the fourth, albeit one somewhat hampered by a very obvious Wolf-in-Self-described-Fiancee’s-Clothing.

We start with a little housekeeping: Re=L enjoys a nice warm conciliatory dinner at Sistine and Rumia’s folks’; Celica travels to the depths of the library to peruse a map of what looks like Melgalius’s Sky Castle (hey, they didn’t forget about that!).

In that same library, Glenn thanks Sistine for saving him with Reviver, making her remember her mouth-to-mouth, which causes her to turn red as a hot poker.

All of this is preamble to the main event: the arrival of handsome young elite professor, Leos Kleitos, sent to fill in for a Alzano professor on leave. Leos also introduces himself as Sistine’s fiancee, going off of what Sisti believed to be just joking around when they were both kids—but Leos takes their childish promise seriously, and will harbor no dissent.

If Glenn is jealous, he copes by expressing shock that such a fine upstanding man such as Leo could possibly fall for such an “impertinent white cat”—a case of the pot calling the kettle black if I ever heard one. He sits in on Leo’s lecture, which is impeccable in its goal of clearly, succinctly teaching students how to become as powerful as possible as fast as possible.

But that’s just it: Leo is teaching students, not necessarily recruits for the magical branch of the military. He’s teaching them how to use these powers, but leaving out how not to let them use them, something that fits more with Glenn’s philosophy. The contrast isn’t lost on Rumia, who almost seems to read Glenn’s mind about his disapproval of Leos’ approach.

Leos also finds in his private chat with Sistine that not only is she not someone who’s simply been standing around waiting for him to come and sweep her off her feet; she’s one of those students not necessarily interested in becoming a solider. Indeed, she’s still very much committed to keeping her promise to her gramps and exploring the Sky Castle.

Apparently oblivious to the irony of someone who puts so much weight in what Sistine said as a young girl about marrying him one day, Leos dismisses her dreams of pursuing magical archaeology as worthless in no uncertain terms. And this is where Leo’s calm facade shatters: to him Sisti is someone who should fawn before him, accept his offer of marriage without hesitation, and let him hone her into a powerful military weapon.

Glenn, eavesdropping not on his own but at Rumia’s behest, can only take so much of Leo’s verbal abuse before he leaps from the bushes. Leo tells him to mind his own business, but it’s Sisti who says it is his business, for she and Glenn are “lovers who have sworn our future to each other!” The announcement comes as a bit of a surprise to Glenn (and everyone) but it’s really a long time coming.

Sisti has feelings for Glenn, and has deemed he’s worthy of them. And Glenn is quick to swoop in and accept the mantle of lovers, perhaps going a bit far with details, but all in the noble service of irritating Leo. By the end of the confrontation, Glenn has challenged Leo to a duel.

And just as he lobbed barbs at Sisti when he saw that Leo wanted her, Glenn looks forward to one day marrying Sisti, which means marrying into money, which means not having to leave the house or work. It’s a veneer of the old bastard, but I’m not buying it anymore, and I’m not really meant to. It’s just how he confronts the world.

Albert can see through him too, but for a reason that only the OP had spent much time hinting at: Sistine reminds Glenn of his and Albert’s old comrade, Sara Silvers. We don’t get a clear look at Sara’s face, but we do see the similar hair and the fact Glenn calls her “White Dog” and blushes in her presence.

It’s clear Glenn had feelings for Sara, but she was apparently killed in action while they were on a mission to eliminate a drug called “Angel’s Dust”, which Al has on authority is somehow back and in the city. Angel’s Dust can apparently turn people into “ruined husks for others to control”, which sounds right up the RDW’s alley…along with Leo, for that matter.

But it’s also made clear that Leo was also putting on an act at the academy, and that it was his job to get Glenn to challenge him to a duel. He succeeded, and his shadowy contact—who I’m going to go out on a limb and guess is related to Glenn by the look of him—is happy about that…which can’t be good.

But more on that next week. Till then, we’ve learned the depth of affection Sistine has come to feel for Glenn after all their harrowing adventures, and that won’t change just because a prettier face from her past shows up. Also, maybe Rumia doesn’t get kidnapped this time, yeah?!

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5 thoughts on “RokuAka – 10”

  1. After the slightly lackluster end of the Re=L arc, I’m glad to see that the show is firing on all cylinders again. Sistine arc, here we come!

    And it’s remarkable how I fall for the same “Glenn being an ass about something” setup time and time again just to find out soon thereafter that once again it’s all just a facade. ShiroInu gives ShiroNeko quite a new depth…

  2. Now this is the Rokuaka I like! A pretty fun and full powered charge into the next (last?) arc. Honestly I really enjoyed Glenn’s reactions to the tired old “evil fiance” trope/arc.

    I can’t believe I allowed him to completely fool me into believing he was totally cool with Sistine and Leos. Now I’m not convinced that means Glenn likes Sistine or anything, but he clearly does care about what happens to her a great deal. Maybe it’s just a student teacher thing, but I’m sure his past with Sara has something to do with it.

    What I really liked was how Glenn did a complete 180 and fully embraced his role as “fake lovers” when Sistine was looking to him for an out. Way to read the situation and adapt hahaha. No shy reluctantly getting roped into it like some teen harem MC. Glenn doesn’t do half measures when he finally decides to do something!

    The only thing I didn’t like was Leo being evil after all lol. I was sooo hoping that he was actually a decent guy instead of conforming perfectly to the standard fiance trope. Sheesh if it wasn’t for Glenn they’d be following that script perfectly argh.

    Sara interests me too. Although I wonder if there’s more than just a superficial resemblance between her and Sistine. From the brief flashback we got, it seemed more like the Sara x Glenn dynamic was a flipped version of the Sara x Sistine one, where the Glenn is the one getting teased and acting tsundere haha. The cute ending skit got me thinking in that direction (Those are still golden!)

    1. I too had hopes Leo was as good as everyone thought he was, but if he’s going to be a bad guy, I appreciate the show doing the legwork to show why, i.e. his very different approach to teaching youths about how to attain magical power and his concentration on military application of that power.

      Considering Divine Wisdom isn’t pulling any punches, there is room for the argument the next generation of the defenders of civilization need to be toughened up; and indeed we’ve seen how Glenn has kept the students away from direct combat against DW whenever possible, since the truth is, they aren’t ready for it.

      Alas, Leo is either working for someone that wants to use Sistine as a tool, just as DW wanted to use Rumia, while DW seems content to “observe” developments for now.

      Still, Glenn and Sistine’s relationship remains the best thing about the show and something one can truly invest in. It expertly walks the teacher-student / master-protege dynamic and the strong voice performances really help drive that investment. Case in point: Sisti’s pleasant-surprise “confession” to Leo that she and Glenn are lovers.

      Even more satisfying is that Glenn/Sistine isn’t the only strong relationship here: Glenn/Rumia and Sistine/Rumia also work really well.

      I definitely got a kick out of the ending skit continuing Sara’s insistence Glenn not see her face, using a trap door to disappear just before he shows up.

    1. If you’re referring to this fellow:

      I don’t think we’re supposed to know yet, but my wild guess is he’s related to Glenn (mostly b/c they have similar color hair).

      Fun Fact: The style of glasses our Mystery Man is wearing are called “Pince-nez”, from the French for “pinch” and “nose.”

      President Teddy Roosevelt and infamous scientist Fritz Haber also wore them.

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