Tsuki ga Kirei – 07

It ain’t just the game of thrones—in the game of love, you win or you die…romantically speaking. It’s take no prisoners; shit or get off the pot; even moreso when you’re young and just figuring this stuff out.

With the Dome City amusement park as the setting for this outstanding episode, Akane, Kotarou, Chinatsu and Hira all learn harsh lessons about the game they’re all playing, the risks and rewards of being passive or active, and how being on the winning side can be fleeting. It’s a side that must be defended.

I honestly can’t stop snickering at Kotarou’s face while on the roller coaster. That is the face of someone very unhappy he didn’t decline Chinatsu’s suggestion they sit together. He might as well be shouting over the roar of the coaster ‘I’VE MADE A HUGE MISTAKE!’

Because he’s next to Chinatsu, Akane is next to Hira, and because she doesn’t handle coasters so hot, it’s Hira, not Chinatsu, who serves as her support during and after the ride. It doesn’t help Kotarou that the majority of the rest of the group is shipping Akane and Hira (except Roman, who we learn has had his suspicions about Kotarou and Akane before Kotarou confirms it).

Kotarou and Akane simply start out the trip all wrong, due to their general passivity in a scenario that requires activity. Akane ends up with Hira a lot of the time, but did nothing to prevent it; Kotarou ends up with a super-aggressive Chinatsu, who understands she’s got to hustle to have any chance over Akane…and may even be moving so fast and forcefully because she already knows she has no chance.

In either case, after Kotarou sees Akane with Hira, Akane sees Kotarou with Chinatsu, and after some time passes, Kotarou sees Akane with Hira AGAIN, Kotarou has finally had it; he’s groaned his last ineffectual groan. Time for some muthafuckin’ ACTION!

He calls out to Akane, then tells Hira he’s in a relationship with her, which she backs up. He then takes her by the hand and they walk off, just in time for Chinatsu to spot them together. As her tears start to fall on the souvenir photo of her and Kotarou on the coaster, I can’t help but feel for her. She got off to a good start, but ends up running out of steam.

After a great series of reactions from the group after Roman confirms Kotarou and Akane are going out (which NO one else saw coming), the happy new couple finally has their precious time alone. What had felt like such a delicate bond strengthens with each activity they do together.

I appreciate how they mirrored my own glee over the whole situation with lots of beaming and giddy laughter, neither of them able to contain their elation at being able to hang out together.

After eating together for the first time, going on various rides and to a haunted house, the two close in closer and closer for a couple selfie, and their bubbly contentment only intensifies when they see how much like a couple they look in the photo.

Meanwhile, Chinatsu returns to the group, her eyes raw from crying, and her girl-friends get the bad news that Kotarou chose Akane over her. Chinatsu might’ve stolen Akane for the coaster and gotten temporarily “lost” with him, Akane ends up stealing him back, though mostly thanks to Kotarou taking action.

No matter; it’s the action Akane wanted to be taken. She’ll be the proactive one next time. As the fireworks explode across the night sky, Kotarou takes her hands in his and leans in for a kiss, and Akane leans in right back.

A nosy little shrimp interrupts them (where are your damn parents, kid?), but they get so goshdarned close to kissing, I’m going to go ahead and call it a kiss, even if it isn’t officially their first kiss. Neither of them bailed out; it was a matter of being surprised by an outside stimulus. Close enough, I say!

Chinatsu…she was never that close, because Kotarou simply isn’t interested in her the way he is in Akane, just as Akane isn’t into Hira that way. At the end of the night, Akane and Kotarou are exactly where they should be, where they want to be.

hen Chinatsu texts Akane that she couldn’t confess, Akane says “Sorry” to herself. I’ve no doubt she feels bad about Chinatsu getting hurt. Chinatsu was the one who chose to keep going even though she knew Akane was with Kotarou, but Akane could have been more forceful in discouraging her.

But at the end of the day, when made to choose between her happiness and Chinatsu’s, there is no choice. It’s shitty not being the one chosen, but that’s life. Akane and Kotarou won the game today. They deserved to savor their victory. Here’s hoping the wins keep coming. They must be vigilant.

P.S. Attention, Show: You have extinguished your allotment of near-kisses. Next kiss better not be interrupted. You have been warned!

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Zane Kalish is a staff writer for RABUJOI.

2 thoughts on “Tsuki ga Kirei – 07”

  1. Now that the euphoria of episode 7 has worn off a bit, there are a few things to ponder. How on earth did Akane and Hira get separated from the others to begin with? Did Akane do this on purpose to spite Kotarou for being friendly with Chinatsu (she certainly did glare at him when she discovered him trying to say “Chinatsu”)? Or was she just blindly following Hira wherever he wanted to take her to give him the opportunity to confess to her (she certainly must be aware of his intentions by now after all the Hira x Akane talk thrown at her)? Instead of having a nice romantic stroll with Hira, why didn’t Akane just use Line to find out where everyone else was so they could go there? You could get the impression that she actually did want to spend time alone with Hira from her actions (and inactions).

    1. How on earth did Akane and Hira get separated from the others to begin with?

      It’s a big, crowded, busy theme park. It happens.

      Did Akane do this on purpose to spite Kotarou

      There’s something to that; I just don’t think she intended to go off alone with Hira as long as she did.

      Or was she just blindly following Hira wherever he wanted…

      I think throughout the trip Akane was simply “going with the flow”, and getting increasingly frustrated that said flow wasn’t leading her to Kotarou. Like him, she learned that going with the flow often doesn’t get you want you want. You have to work for it, the way Kotaoru did by confronting Hira.

      why didn’t Akane just use Line…

      I think this was another instance of Akane going along with Hira’s unrushed attempt to find the rest of the group before texting them.

      You could get the impression that she actually did want to spend time alone with Hira from her actions (and inactions)

      One could get the impression, sure (the rest of the group certainly did), but considering Akane clearly confirmed Kotarou’s claim they’re going out to Hira, then went off with Kotarou for the rest of the trip, it wasn’t her actual intention.

      Both Akane and Kotarou made a lot of unforced errors on this trip, starting with neither of them insisting on sitting next to each other on the coaster. The biggest of them all, of course was not simply going on a first date alone before coming out as a group. This trip eventually turned into a date, but only after lots of stress.

      I’m willing to forgive them for that—this is all very new to them—and for the fact they weren’t clear to their friends about their status, because being in a relationship is still so new and weird to them, they’re still figuring out what it is themselves.

      Considering the overall delicate tone of their romance thus far, I’m loath to assign any ulterior motives to our still very guileless lovers.

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