Eromanga-sensei – 06

When Megumi repeatedly calls LNs “creepy”, Ishikawa Yui breaks out a more Mikasa-esque voice for Tomoe, going at Megumi as if she were trying to hurt her beloved Eren. Masamune avoids blows, but Tomoe enacts her revenge by getting Megumi totally hooked on the books she once so cavalierly looked down upon.

Megumi’s original purpose for checking out some novels was to get closer to Sagiri, and she gets closer than she bargained for, not only being allowed an audience with Muramase’s sister, but serving as a lewd model, bound and blindfolded.

Sagiri is so excited and inspired by her new model, she can’t help but impulsively relieve Megumi if her shimapan, an effective if dated way to blow up her “lewd girl” persona. That being said, Megumi gets what she wants: actual contact with Sagiri, and a promise of continued novel exchange—the foundation of a friendship.

When Masamune’s publisher tells him they won’t be publishing his little sister LN for a year (because the younger, more popular Senju Muramasa snatched his earlier publishing spot), Yamada offers to help him get published. But they’re both early for the meeting, so they have a little date that both know is a date but pretend it isn’t.

Yamada, who is surprisingly not the most irritating girl in the show, and has grown quite a bit as a character in her last few episodes, explains how book sales are like the ultimate game, so it makes sense to always keep score. Despite losing to Senju like Masamune in that department, she dismisses Senju as someone playing a “one-player game” with different rules.

She doesn’t believe Senju would be disappointed in the slightest if Yamada crushed her. Yamada accidentally tells Masamune she loves him, because she knows he would be disappointed, and thus a more worthwhile opponent. She quickly walks back the “I love you”, but the vulnerability and honesty of that moment, along with an earlier scene where she stops when she realizes she’s acting tsundere were nice touches.

The date over, the two mosey to the publisher, and encounter a girl who like Yamada is not dressed in normal modern attire, but traditional Japanese garb. Yamada assumes she’s a rookie when she spots her manuscript and is back to the haughty self she was when she first met Masamune. I guess this is just how she initially interacts with peers in her field? The girl doesn’t give her much in return, but accompanies them to the offices.

There, Masamune’s publisher denies his request to go with another house for his novel, but does suggest an alternative: he’ll enter a short-story competition with four other young authors, and the winner will get published not next year, but in September. Masamune emphatically expresses his intense enthusiasm and signs right up, claiming it’s the first brick of the road to realizing his dreams.

Perhaps a bit too emphatically, as the yukata girl finally speaks up, and not in a docile tone, announcing she’ll be the one to crush his sentimental, shonen-esque little dreams in favor of her own dream. She’s no rookie, after all…she’s Senju Muramasa, and she won’t have Masamune speak her name without the -senpai honorific.

So…Senju is a cutthroat, competitive maniac, eh? Well…I guess that’s probably better than what I expected (someone who is pre-in-love with Masamune / his work despite being more successful than him). In any case, the whole group of girls has now been introduced; we’ll soon see if and how Masamune interacts with the newest and most hostile.

Author: sesameacrylic

Zane Kalish is a staff writer for RABUJOI.

8 thoughts on “Eromanga-sensei – 06”

  1. Don’t you think that the episode has been too nasty? A girl bound, and blindfolded, crying, and her panties down … it’s been a little nasty, right?

    1. For a “PG-13” show, sure. Megumi could probably accuse Sagiri of sexual assault, with Masamune as an accessory…in the real world.

      In the world and context of Eromanga-sensei—a slightly twisted version of our own—Megumi really wants to meet and befriend Sagiri, and so consents to being bound and blindfolded and to model for her.

      Sagiri’s shut-in nature, combined with the excitement of drawing a new live model makes her susceptible to behavior that crosses the normal boundaries of social decency in a moment of impulsiveness at Megumi’s expense.

      While it’s portrayed as a measure of comeuppance for Megumi, I personally didn’t think the unpleasantness of her character to that point warranted such treatment.


      it’s a harem rom-com with ecchi elements; this kind of thing comes with the territory.

      1. Thanks for your answer.

        It’s my first time in that kind of anime, and I didn’t expect situations like that, among such young boys. Definitely for me it has been a sexual assault. I didn’t feel well seeing that scene.

      2. You’re very welcome. I’ll just add that Eromanga, like its predecessor from the same author, Oreimo, is not for everyone. Watching anime should never be upsetting (unless that’s the point, as in, say, Grave of the Fireflies) and if it is, it’s probably best to move on to a different show.

      3. People always find something to complain about. The stock complaint was supposed to be the incest, and then whining about Sagiri and Masamune being underage. But the Megumi’s rape is new!

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