Re:Creators – 06

Souta realizes who the MUP’s Creator is (or was), but he’s reluctant to tell Celestia, who is back in normal clothing and is having fun with her new smartphone. And that’s pretty much it for Souta; he carries his secret with him and will have to resolve his moral dilemma another week.

This episode is all about the arrival of another new Creation, Chikujouin Makagami, who is nothing but trouble. Her arrival sparks the big multiplayer confrontation we knew was coming, while being an eminently fun-to-watch player in her own right.

As befits a dynamic-shifting character, Chiku is voiced by the illustrious Sakamoto Maaya, unquestionably one of the best in the business since her debut in Escaflowne two decades ago. She has a lot of fun in what sounds like a fun role to play.

Like a similar scenario in Captain America: Civil War, an eclectic combination of heroes and villains of diverse backgrounds, powers, weaknesses, and worldviews come together and we behold the beautiful chaos that ensues. To its credit, Re:Creators gives characters on both sides the opportunity to express their views one way or another.

The unlikely friendship between Alice and Mamika—one from a war-torn dystopia, the other from a Tokyo not dissimilar from the Creators’— continues with the two discussing how they should deal with the newcomer.

Mamika believes as long as someone is a “good person” they can be a powerful and worthwhile ally, even if their goals don’t mesh with your own. Alice hears her, and compliments her for “knowing where justice lies.”

Chikujouin will test everyone’s sense of justice, because she’s a trickster who loves flipping things upside down and inside out, including lies. When she catches a bookstore clerk in a web of “lies about lies” it seems to give her the power to summon beasts that tear him to shreds.

Kikuchihara and a normally-dressed Meteora (a subtle but nice touch for both her, Celestia, and Rui) determine Chiku is a villain (duh) and start their search, but Alice and Mamika have already found her.

The initially cordial encounter soon sours when Alice smells blood and malevolence all over Chiku, and Chiku realizes she has another mark in Alice with whom she can provoke into “lying about lies.”

Alice, naturally, dismisses everything Chiku says, calls her a “buffoon”, and charges straight at her. Before Chiku can make Alice stab herself with her own spear, Celestia arrives, with Meteora by her side.

Mamika and Meteora plead for calm—everyone’s in the same boat; there’s no need to fight each other—but hotter heads blow over, as Alice thinks no more of Meteora’s musings than Chiku’s.

Alice and Celestia won’t back down, so the two warriors go at it, and Meteora must defend Celestia with her shield. Tokar Blitz enters the fray on Team Alice, but first tells Mamika that she has the power to stop the fight. Mamika knows this, but is afraid to use her powers again after what she did to Celestia when they first met (justifiably so).

And yet it’s Tokar, disabling Meteora’s shield with a gravity round then preparing to finish her off, when Mamika finally says enough and intervenes, saving Meteora and destroying every bullet Tokar fires.

In a battle of clashing powers from clashing genres, I love how it’s the magical girl abilities that seem to be the most powerful here, precisely because they come from such a vague, whimsical, and non-scientific source.

From the moment Celestia and Meteora appeared, Chiku is on the sidelines, literally, and once the swords start to cross and the bullets start to fly, she kick back, cracks open a juice and enjoys the show.

I for one appreciated this approach, because beyond its meta value (she, like us, is eagerly awaiting what will happen next) it’s in a trickster like Chiku’s nature to play sides off each other, then step aside and let everyone beat each other up, leaving her unscathed.

This was the Re:Creators episode I’ve been waiting for, and it felt the fleetest of the lot so far. It’s an episode where everyone’s disparate personalities are on display and where interesting things happen when they butt up against each other.

Having Yuuya and Rui sit this particular battle out keeps things from getting too chaotic too fast—though I’m sure we’ll see larger and more complicated battles in the future.

I’m also glad it’s Mamika, who not only has the “purest” powers but also the “purest” sense of justice, who not only has wherewithal but also the moral compulsion to stop the fighting before someone gets hurt too badly.

She may be “naive” and may not come from as bad a place as some of the others, but she knows what she needs to know: that there’s a better way to solve problems than trying to kill each other. As such, she’s emerged as an important bridge between the pro and anti-MUP factions.

Those who don’t like it better be ready to taste an assortment of colorful hearts, stars, bows, and crescent moons.

Author: braverade

Hannah Brave is a staff writer for RABUJOI.

8 thoughts on “Re:Creators – 06”

  1. Mamika actually having the most potential raw power amused me too. It makes a lot of sense considering she comes from a soft Mahou Shoujo show. I bet in her show she often just has enough power to solve whatever scale of problem arises. Compare that with Aliceteria who has to use a long invocation to summon power from her magical Gauntlet, or Celestia who kind of lacks offensive power without the Volgenchevelier (Argh kinda unfair to leave the mecha pilot without a mech eh?”).

    Chikujouin seems to come from a weird supernatural mystery light novel. I suppose it could be something like Bakamonogatari. Her reality bending powers look very potent too.

    1. Loving how you subtly transformed Bakemonogatari in the tales of baka. I’ll add a very-snail-like “I bit my tongue” here because I feel like so.

      I’m actually surprised how I didn’t notice that Mamika has probably the most power out of the characters. I felt like Yuuya was a good candidate (though we saw like, huh, just a glimpse of it). Not counting Military Uniform Princess though, as she’s a mystery for now. Furthermore, with a 22 episodes, I feel like more characters will pop up.

  2. I loved the episode. Just like I loved the first ones (duh). I just can’t not like this show, as for a reason and another it hit me in all of my weakpoints. Perhaps I just need a pessimistic and loner character, and this is directly going on the top of my very long anime list.

    Although the beginning was a little slow, the latter part of the episode was amazing in my opinion. Loving how the new character just get out of the picture and start watching them fighting towards the end. Old man appearing from nothing was quite… sudden, but the more the merrier I suppose. Can I hope to see mecha boy too? No, I’m far more eager to see Yuuya-sama again. I fucking love him.

    Souta is… probably doing important stuff I suppose. Like sorting out his emotions? Now, if you could be kind enough to share them to us I would be grateful.

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