Attack on Titan – 32

Those who had a hankering for a knock-down drag-out Titan brawl were treated to one this week, with the added gravity of the Titan combatants being Bertholdt, Reiner, and Eren. As the latter two go at at the base of the wall, Bertholdt swallows Ymir (and someone else) and gives the soldiers atop it a big hit of burning steam, making attacking him impossible until he wishes it. It’s a stalemate, with Krista holding out hope Ymir is alive, and Connie, the poor bastard, hoping Bertholdt and Reiner are okay.

With the top of the wall stalemated for the time being, both Eren and Mikasa learn their usual attacks are worthless against Reiner’s armor. Eren, flat on his back, suddenly recalls his first martial arts lesson with Annie, who showed him for the first time that someone who isn’t Mikasa can be far stronger and effective in combat than they look, due to using their opponent’s size and strength as weapons against them.

The flashbacks mostly made me miss Annie dearly, wish she was still around, and wonder when if ever her story will be continued and/or resolved, what with all this other stuff going on taking precedence so far this season. I also dearly wanted to see her fight Mikasa, even if I was pretty sure Mikasa would win such a fight (considering what she did to Reiner).

Ripped from that happier past into a far more morose present, Eren finds his feet and the proper technique against Reiner, and a titan MMA match ensues, with Eren ripping Reiner’s limb off and the armor gradually flaking off in enough places that Mikasa can finally cut him.

I was a little irked why none of the other armed soldiers were going at Reiner’s obvious weak spots, rather than just Mikasa, but then it did take a while for her to fly over there, and more importantly, Reiner and Eren’s mutual hold is to Reiner’s advantage, as he drags Eren with him to a place directly below the simmering, deteriorating Bertholdt, whose smoldering colossal skull falls off and threatens to crush Eren.

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4 thoughts on “Attack on Titan – 32”

  1. yup the mikasa vs annie fight never really being shown EVEN in the manga for some reason…

  2. The excitement for attack on titan really… went down over the years after looking at too much spoilers. just saying here

    1. I’m still engaged and excited. Then again, I’ve been pretty good about avoiding spoilers. When I finally got around to watching/reviewing the first season (over two years after it aired) I initially thought Krista was the female titan, since both she and Annie had blonde hair and blue eyes.

      But between her and the more recent reveals of characters as titans, I’d say the enjoyment of the show is less about those reveals in and of themselves, and more about the ‘well shit, what happens NOW?’ that follows them; how the characters deal, both emotionally and practically, with the new devilry.

      AoT can be a sadistic show, both to its characters and its audience. Just when you think things couldn’t get worse, the show finds another level of despair. But that constant onslaught makes the rare glimmers of hope and moments of triumph that much more powerful and satisfying.

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