Re:Creators – 04

(For this week’s Re:C I’m filling in for Franklin, who is currently battling a bit of a backlog in both inbox and anime queue. Ganbatte, Oigakkosan! —Hannah)

After learning her creator died in an auto accident, a rudderless Meteora does a fair amount of soul-searching, starting by purchasing the game she’s in and playing it all the way to the end, in an effort to both learn more about herself and the person who created her, in hopes that information will help her make an informed decision about what to do next.

She painstakingly reports all of this to the others, as well as presents her hypothesis about this world only being able to take so many “translations” of creations before it crumbles under the weight of all the “contradictions.” For the fourth straight episode, this involves Meteora talking and explaining in a measured tone for an extended period of time—until the sun sets outside, in fact.

And while it does manage to hit some emotional beats towards the end—basically, she likes her creator, his creation, and wants to fight to get everything back to the way it was—it once more expose’s this show using such scenes as a crutch to keep the audience appraised. It’s too much tell and not enough show.

The chatting continues in a dark warehouse, where the onna-kishi Alicetelia has captured her creator and forced him to revise her world so there isn’t so much dang war, only for it not to work. The Military Uniform Princess assures her that this is an our worlds-vs.-their world situation, she’s leading the revolt, and could use able warriors like Alice.

We meet Beardy, who like Yuuya is content to have fun in this world for a time, and not in a rush to return to his world. Mamika also softens “Alice-chan’s” character somewhat by questioning rash side-taking, especially with people like the MUP, while tucking into boil-in-the-bag curry, the package of which bears Mamika’s likeness.

One of Matsubara’s fellow creators then calls him, informing him that one of his creations—a young mecha pilot—has suddenly appeared, along with his mecha, who on the surface looks like he’d be on Team Celestia/Meteora. That leaves just one more main creation from the promo art and OP to introduce: the Oushino Ougi-esque Chikujouin Makagami, who looks more like Team MUP.

As this is a 22-episode run, it’s not unusual to not have all the main players introduced after four episodes. But there remains a sluggishness and a feeling that we’re not seeing as much of the potential of this premise as we could, and are instead hearing a whole lot about it from static characters as other characters sit around in rooms listening.

To be blunt, I’m eager for Re:Creators to get out of those rooms and start kicking some ass out in the world. With the lines starting to be drawn among the creations according to how they want to proceed, hopefully we’ll get more actual confrontations soon.

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Hannah Brave is a staff writer for RABUJOI.

7 thoughts on “Re:Creators – 04”

  1. Thanks for covering for me Hannah! I agree with the review and score. While I liked the conflict ‘Met theorizes to the gang, in concept, the whole delivery was unintentionally idiotic. The soaring mood music was just trying too hard. Also, there’s just a clunkiness to the development of all of this and a lack of focus on anything that makes it feel all over the map. Looks good, neat idea, not entirely delivered well.

    So say we all Spring 2017. Yeeeesh!

  2. I loved the start of this show, but yeah this episode dragged on. I was spot on with Alice-chan’s motivations though. She’s exactly the character I thought she’d be haha.

    Still, I really wish Re;Creators would move on to more show and less tell. There’s so much potential out there. They need to fix the pacing so we don’t have anymore info dump episodes. The soul searching and conclusion Meteora reached was nice, but they did really need that much build up just to lead into a simple conclusion such as “We ought to find Hime’s creator!”?

    I mean it’s not all bad, I did like the slice of life moments as well as the interactions between Alice and Mamika. The way Alice carefully saved the bag was a nice little touch highlighting to differences between the two character’s worlds and mentalities. Mamika is used to disposable plastic bags, but to Alice it would be a waste to throw away such a well made packaging material.

    1. I don’t really have any problem with the pacing though. I really liked all the talking in this chapter. Maybe it’s because I’m used to it from playing Visual Novels, but I couldn’t stop loving Meteora’s speech or her theory.

      I would willingly choose to listen her talking all day. I just like characters developing the world setting so much. Not to mention the concepts she introduced are really similar to the series I love, so I can’t not like it.

      Well, I think my view is already too biased though. Unless some kind of enormous change happens, I won’t stop loving the show.

      1. Re:Creators has a great concept but the dialog is often less polished. Hear me out. THink of Meteora’s speech as a delivery of concept. It functions as a delivery of the show’s concept (and it works well) but then contrast that with Souta and everyone else in the room: the pretty much utter ‘repeat statement as question’ and/or ‘it’s from that series, right?’ It’s that side dialog that’s really been lacking since episode two and, because there are many ‘side’ characters that could be central characters, the result feels sluggish, clunky.

      2. One phrase that stuck out at me, and which was repeated several times, was “make things make sense”, whether it was the world or forces in the world.

        “Make things make sense” is the kind of line that might get the point across, but to borrow your words, it lacks polish and feels clunky. Whether that was a result poor translation (I watched the crunchyroll subs), and whether there was a more refined way of saying that, I don’t know.

      3. *Replying here, as it seems not possible to make 4 level reply/comments*

        So, if I’ve understood what you’re trying to say (I’m not a native English-speaker, thus am quite worried about my communicative skills), the problem isn’t really Meteora’s amount of talking, but rather the reaction of the listeners? If that’s the case, I can agree. While listening to her explanation in this episode, I could see that their answer weren’t exactly brilliant. As others already mentionted, this is almost like a one-way dialog.

        Though as an exlpanation of a hypothesis, unless they had some objections, a “repeat statement as question” to confirm it, is natural, I think. The fact that they ask whether he or she is from this or that series, is also quite natural in my opinion. If I were to see Saber and had a friend (HA!) walking with me, the first thing I would say would be “Holy KAW! Oy imaginary friend A, is that Saber from Fate/?”. But I can see how these kind of reply, make the dialog not really rich.

        Yeah, I too, hope for more deep development/characterization, sort like this week’s episode, but for every character. We still don’t really know much about MC. Maybe a Durarara approach? Hm, I don’t think it would work well here, as in Re:Creators characters meet really too often to tell individual tales and make epic the encounters between them.

        Btw, how can comments be formatted? I mean, bold, italics, or underlined.

  3. On the plus side, the exposition has set the base foundation for where the plot is headed.
    The most important part is the concept of boundaries separating reality and fiction, and the Princess’s plan to destroy them.

    An interview said that initially Hiroe Rei planned the Princess’s hideout to have been a pocket dimension within that very boundary, but later changed it to the real world.

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