Sagrada Reset – 04

Occasionally, I like a show that keeps me engaged; that challenges me; that even leaves me in the dust if I’m not sufficiently aware. Sagrada Reset is all of those things so far, and there’s a genuine thrill in not knowing just what the hell is going to transpire from one episode to the next, in addition to being emotionally invested in the characters—something that didn’t seem feasible in episode one.

Sagrada is also dense, and if you blink you might miss a reset or a vital piece of information. For all its seeming randomness, it builds, so far, off every little event and detail it’s presented thus far. It doesn’t insult the audience’s intelligence, it demands it, and it won’t hold your hand. That can make it hard to follow, even frustrating at times, but despite getting a little lost at times I felt it still holds together.

This week is a particularly bloody and violent episode, as Asai promptly learns that Minami Mirai was killed by Hisuchi-kun, hence her becoming a ghost that haunts him to start the episode.

Of course, she wasn’t just shot or strangled, she was killed when Hisuchi, who gains nourishment not from food (he’s an intense germaphobe) but from information he sucks out of others like an intel vampire. Minami had too much, and he went to far. He didn’t mean to kill her; it just happened.

But just when Asai and Haruki are wrapping their heads around the murder, they are confronted by Murase Youka, whose sudden violent, homicidal outburst would be out of character if we knew her character. I didn’t realize it at the time, but we later learn there’s a very good reason for her very odd, violent behavior, and it all comes down to Haruki’s Reset ability.

Asai orders Haruki to reset before Murase kills him. Back at school, Haruki is glad when Asai tells her they haven’t gone to the festival yet (girl wants her DATE). They visit Tsushima for answers, and he tells them more about the “MacGuffin”, which enables anyone who possesses it to control all the special abilities in Sakurada…only to then tell them exactly what and where it is, obviously trusting his students won’t take it.

Someone does take it…or rather, ends up with it by chance. That person is Minami, who isn’t killed by Hisuchi-kun this time because Asai and Haruki visit him. They’re joined by Murase, whose knowledge indicates to Asai that she’s able to remember two resets back, but not one. He also learns about her M.O.—her desire to destroy and remake the bureau into something more effective after it failed to save her brother.

Indeed, it’s Murase who helps them find Hisuchi’s house, using her ability in a way I didn’t expect (while explaining the hand-shaped hole in the wall last week). Hisuchi tells them about Minami ending up with the stone, and he helped her because he was guilty for killing her.

I’d say that that never happened, but it actually did, and Haruki’s ability didn’t negate that fact, it merely rewound and, well, reset things to her last save. Murase ends up stealing the MacGuffin from Minami, lightly wounding her in the process, but Asai assures Haruki they don’t have to go after her. All will be taken care of in due time.

In the meantime, Tsushima gives Asai a new job: to convince a truant, Murase, to come back to school. To do that, Tsushima believes Murase needs to be utterly defeated, to show her that she still has more to learn before starting a revolution against the Bureau.

Asai visits Nono Seika with some takoyaki, to muse over the Murase situation in a calm place. And he thinks of Souma Sumire, who told him its better to say something than nothing, even if it’s bad, and to not be afraid.

After that, it’s his big little date with Haruki, who is resplendent in her yukata, and doesn’t just smile but blushes upon receiving the gift of a hairpin. It didn’t look like Asai was paying attention to her when she spotted it, but clearly he did. I loved that little detail.

He asks Haruki for a favor, and the next day we see she’s joined him beside the river to confront Murase. She thinks they’re ready to join her cause, but Asai wants to test her abilities first. Haruki saves, then she obliges, and Asai offers almost no resistance as she puts her finger through his hand. During the fight he suspects she attacked them the first time because she wanted a reset for herself, to forget Minami Mirai’s death.

An increasingly agitated Murase is certain she has Asai in checkmate, even noting that if Haruki resets, he’s only two steps away from her, and she could easily defeat him before he had time to do anything. But it’s Murase who’s in check, as Asai moves his head into her hand, which goes through it, killing him horribly. He does this before ordering Haruki to reset…so she doesn’t.

Then something I didn’t expect happened: Nanako Tomoki beams his voice into Haruki’s head, then Asai’s voice comes through—in that moment, a ghost, just like Minami was—giving Haruki the reset order. She resets, and Minami remains where she is: exactly in a location where when Asai said “Bang”, it looks like he struck her down.

Stunned by this course of events, Murase promptly concedes defeat, which means she’ll honor the terms of their agreement, return to school, one day join the bureau, and make it better that way. Asai also tells her the cat is fine, chilling with Nonoo. He holds out his hand to shake hers in order to celebrate their new friendship.

He’s quite sure that her ability has worn off, making it safe to touch her, but the episode still ends just before they touch, so good it is at messing with us. Still, it’s mission accomplished—and what a baller mission it turned out to be.

Author: magicalchurlsukui

Preston Yamazuka is a staff writer for RABUJOI.

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    So beside her ability to erase things she wants, Murase also has an ability to remember two timelines back? So how comes she remembers that she killed Asai just then? Or was it that she remembered Minami’s death 2 timelines back? And what ever happened to the Macguffin (Guess this is the very purpose of Macguffin, right?).

    And who are Minami and Hisuchi? We didn’t even know them before this episode, so there’s no way in hell we could figure out the plot. I appreciate shows that make us think instead of spoon-feed us, but in Sagrada Reset case I have a feeling the show don’t really respect us as viewers. They don’t want us to be along their ride, they sprint forward and they expect us to pick up their trails. If you can follow, good for you; if you can’t though, so be it.

    Not fair.

    1. Don’t worry my friend. You are not alone here.

      As someone who easily forgets his sister school, I’m basically FEELING the episode, not really understanding it. But screw it. I find it nice, and I enjoy it. So who cares?

      Though I would really love a deep and for-idiot explanation…

    2. Haruki is right there with Asai both times Murase attacked him, so Murase is aware a Reset is about to occur both times. If she’s aware of an imminent Reset, she can negate its effects on her. This is why Murase remembers that she just killed Asai…I think.

      I may have to go back and watch the episode again though, to be honest.

  2. Nice post. I gave up on writing about Sagrada (Sakurada?) Reset long ago…

    But I really liked the episode. It may be because first episode didn’t really leave an impact on me, but it’s getting steadily better in my opinion. Not suddenly like Rokudenashi, but this was really tense. This doesn’t change the fact that… I seriously am not following what exactly is happening at all… But who cares! I enjoy it now, that’s enough.

    Let’s not think, but FEEL. In this regard it remind me of Aquarion or the more famous Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. I basically didn’t understood how exactly they did things at the end, but their emotions and feelings reached me, thus made me scream from passion with them. So yeah, apperently you don’t even really need to understand to enjoy something…

    Though I would love seeing an explanation that would enlighten even idiots like me…

    1. To make things worse, I am currently reading Gravity’s Rainbow. It’s similarly dense and unhelpful in letting you in on WTF is going on…you just have to kinda go for it.

      1. Oh. To tell the truth, I had been searching the book’s title for like 5 minutes to only discover it was actually a normal book. Sorry, I’m too immersed into 2D.

        I don’t know the book, but I suppose good luck in trying to understand both? I remember giving up reading the prequel of The lords of the ring because it seemed to curse me.

        The trick is,.. to FEEL and not UNDERSTAND with these kind of work (I actually enjoyed Aquarion and Big Order this way). Or at least, if you truly wish to enjoy them. I gave up trying to understand Mahouka magic logic and theory… as it seemed to study Physics to me.

      2. I hear ya, and as a reviewer I’m trying to toe the line between being reasonably accurate in recording what the hell happened in the episodes and simply, as you’ve stated, sit back and enjoying them. Reset’s definitely not going to get any easier to follow, after all.

      3. I can totally relate to that. Although I’m still a newbie as a blogger, I’m actually re-watching every episode I write of at least 2 times: first for enjoying it as a normal otaku would, then with some ideas about what I liked and what not, I rewatch it in an attempt to analyze it with the best of my limited abilities (and find pictures).

        I would have never imaginated it being so… time consuming. The good thing is, I’m doing something related to what I love, thus I rarely feel the passage of time, which is actually a little bad, as Reality just likes to strikes me whenever possible (Curse you, BEING X!).

        On another side though, I think I’m “returning to my origins”(?). As some may have noticed (yeah, I don’t really think so), I’m watching an abnormal amount of anime per season, trying to watch as many as I can, mostly because I feel like it is a kind of duty. That was quite… heavy on my mind. Not sure if you get it, but it’s like I was constantly reminded of “go watch anime, or else you will get behind your schedule”. Just… when did the hobby I loved so much, transform into a job?

        But now. Even though I’m still trying to do the impossible, with severe consequences on my sleep schedule (Christ, I’m not kidding when I say I won’t go to sleep unless I statr to almost fall while standing). I feel like I somehow re-discovered a hidden or old joy. Perhaps is the fact that I’m sharing this, perhaps is the fact that rewatching them is nice, perhaps is the fact that I’m crazy. (after actually reading this, it doen’s really make any sense to me, but oh well).

        Screw it. Seriously. If you think about it too much you lose. So, screw it. I enjoy this and thus wil lcontinue. Not really sure how I got at this point, but the main point is: I totally feel you. I think that was the whole point(?).

  3. Murase has ability to erase the other ppl skill that will use on her, I guess. For example she can set the point of things or events that she gets involve to not effect by Haruka’s reset ability.

  4. Well, I guess this established that Hitsuchi-kun ISN’T Sumire Souma (I suspected that this was way out there as an idea, but I’m still weirdly disappointed for some reason). On the other hand, the fact he’s an information vampire is a whole lot more interesting, and I do wonder if this’ll cause more problems further down the line.
    There is one random detail that I’m confused about (out of the many, many things to be confused about that this show offers), and that’s how old Murase is? I assumed she was an adult, or at least out of school, but then there was Tsushima telling her that Kei was her sempai, and the whole thing of how she’d dropped out of high school/ getting her to re-enter school. Which makes her the same age as them??? Or does it??? I really can’t tell and that weirds me out (but again, just one of many, many things to be weirded out by)

    (Also, the hairpin scene was very cute, and the scene with Kei visiting Seika and eating takoyaki with her was nice too. The simplicity of those moments is satisfying-also gives my brain a break before it explodes)

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