Sagrada Reset – 03

Two years have passed, as has Souma Sumire, and Asai Kei is a lot more careful about changing the future after losing her. But when client Murase Youka comes to them requesting they revive her cat (recently killed by one of the anime world’s infamous murderous drivers), he dives into the mission with what passes for him as enthusiasm. It would, after all, prevent the client from shedding tears (though she doesn’t strike me as the emotional type) and that’s the reason Asai got into this business with Haruki.

As Asai and Haruki investigate (which leads them to a cat-loving and cat mind-inhabiting informant) there’s an ongoing flirtation being carried out, mostly by Haruki. Sure, Haruki is kind of muddling through, and Asai isn’t the most receptive (he’s seemingly put off when she talks like a cat or asks if she should wear a new yukata or miniskirt), and it might be the stealthiest romance of the season…but it’s a romance in play nonetheless.

That, and Hanazawa Kana’s measured but increasingly warm delivery, keeps me from going all Seika Nono and falling asleep over this show. I’m not going to make excuses, it is slow, and deliberate, and sometimes boring. But last week showed that if one is patient with Sagrada Reset, one has a tendency to be rewarded accordingly.

So it is that Asai’s classmate Minami Mirai (a fan of the occult) ends up suspended above his bed on a (second) saturday morning. Somehow saving the cat resulted in a present very different than the one Asai wakes up to at the start of the episode. And it all has something to do with what Murase was doing while Asai and Haruki were saving her cat. We know she can fly, so that’s a start. But so far, this show solves mysteries in episode pairs, so we’ll have to wait until next week to see where this is going (or where it’s gone).

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2 thoughts on “Sagrada Reset – 03”

  1. I suspect this is the understatement of the moment, but this show is weird. Really weird. I don’t know what I think of it or what to make of it, apart from the fact that I’m interested enough that I want to know what’s going on. Which I guess is a good thing?

    Also, no mention of this mysterious ‘Hitsuchi-kun’, and all the rigmarole Kei has to go through just to contact them? I have a suspicion that ‘Hitsuchi-kun’ and Sumire Soma are related in some way if not the same person. Mostly because their voices sound eerily similar (at least to my ears).How that would work considering Sumire is dead/supposed to be dead I have no idea, but I’m convinced that there’s some connection and that’s just another weird thing I want to get to the bottom of.

    1. Totally agree that the weirdness and offbeat-ness of the show is keeping me interested. In that regard it’s shown the tiniest glimmers of Steins;Gate. Both also put a great deal of value into long, dense conversations.

      As for ‘Hitsuchi-kun’, I feel silly for omitting that, as I too was really intrigued by the way Kei had to communicate with them. Despite her early exit and the seeming impossibility of reversing that exit, a part of me hopes we haven’t seen the last of Sumire.

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