Rokudenashi Majutsu Koushi to Akashic Records – 03

Episode 3 puts it all together in a rousing, magic- and action-packed jaunt, completing the “opening trilogy” that sets the stage for the rest of the series. In the beginning, Glenn may have been a useless shite and Sistine may have hated his guts, but at the end of this episode neither is the case.

While Glenn saved Sistine from the first baddie, they’re far from out of the woods: neither Celica nor anyone else can get to the Academy due to the teleportation circle being out of service. Baddie #2, Reik, sends a squad of bone golems, and when they kill Baddie #1, Sistine witnesses mortal bloodshed for the first time.

Glenn keeps “Shironeko” calm and focused, which is just as well, since he absolutely needs her vaunted magical ability to support him as he takes out the golems, then faces off against the mage who summoned them.

Glenn also makes it clear to Sistine, understandably frustrated she can’t save Rumia on her own, that magic isn’t useless, and tells her what Rumia told her about using it to help people. He’s not going to let either of them die. Not on his watch.

That seems to be the reason he shoves Sistine out of the destroyed hallway, but Sistine remembers his question about Dispel Force spell earlier, and takes it to mean he’ll try to pull the spell off to stop Reik, and she’s there in time to bolster his piddling mana reserves with her own.

It’s a surprisingly brutal battle with Reik, resulting in Glenn getting impaled by several swords, but in the end, he only needs one to kill Glenn. After that, he and Sistine pass out. He’s the first to awaken, and there’s no time to lose, for he’s realized that Baddie #3’s plan is not to destroy the teleportation circle, but to redirect it.

That Baddie #3 turns out to be the traitor, Huey-sensei, as well as the teacher he’s been subbing for. Because of the spell he’s activated, Huey…can’t actually move, nor is he all that mocking or mustache-twirling. He considers this all a big game, albeit with big stakes, and with Rumia as the prize.

As such, like Reik, Huey can’t help but be impressed when Glenn, even in his severely-injured and depleted state, deactivates four of the five barriers binding Rumia to her spot, before passing out again. She’s able to reach through the fifth, and because she’s one of those super-rare “amplifiers”, she can transfer stores of power and energy to him.

Glenn wakes up, deactivates the final barrier, the spell shuts down, and Huey concedes defeat before taking a good ol’ fashioned punch to the jaw. Crisis averted.

For a group of evil mages who have supposedly been planning this for years, was it silly for them not to have done their homework on Glenn, once a “skilled mage killer” in the Imperial Court Mages? Was it also stupid for the headmaster and Celica to leave Rumia in such a vulnerable state, knowing who and what she was? Sure.

But it’s just as likely Celica was confident enough in Glenn that whoever came after Rumia would regret it, and so it came to pass, with many a crucial assist from Sistine, as well as Rumia herself. The ordeal also leads to Glenn deciding to stay on as a full-fledged teacher, which no doubt pleases both Rumia and Sistine, despite the latter’s disapproving frowns.

With this impressive opening tirlogy completed, the new OP runs at the end, indicating a third main student will be introduced soon, this one blue-haired and a food fan. I eagerly await the classes, battles, and adventures to come, and at some point hope to learn what, exactly, the titular Akashic Records are.

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Preston Yamazuka is a staff writer for RABUJOI.

4 thoughts on “Rokudenashi Majutsu Koushi to Akashic Records – 03”

    1. I would say definitely (as would MAL; the show’s score really surged after this episode).

      I still don’t mind that the first episode was so light and comedic; it made the following episodes that much more of a surprise. Would this show have worked as a Sayonara Zetsubou-sensei-style comedy where we rarely leave the classroom? I’m not sure, but I know that going in a totally different direction worked out much better than I expected.

      The arc of Glenn and Sistine is particularly well-formed and efficient. Transcending initial one-dimensional adversarialism, the two endured the heat of battle and saved each other’s lives as well as Rumia’s. However they may snipe at each other in future, they now carry an irrevocable respect for one another.

      Judging from his visions of the past (and the OP) I also wouldn’t be surprised if these aren’t Glenn’s first dealings with a member of the illustrious Fibel clan.

  1. That was very good episode with nice sharp delivery all the way through. Okay, Sensei lost his pants at the start but that can happen to anyone in the heat of battle right?

    What I did like was that unlike many series that walk similar paths, Sisti isn’t made out to be an idiot and only good for humorous tsun outrage and little else. Glenn thought there was only a 30% chance she’d get his hint about dispel but she quickly worked it out and was back in position for a surprise assist to Glenn at the climax of the battle with Reik. And also she kept her head during the battle and was able to treat his wounds a bit when he collapsed at one stage.

    I think maybe you are being a bit hard on the Society of Somewhat Evil Mages or whoever they were. Glenn’s only been there a few weeks and their info was based on what the (now ex) sensei Huey could tell them and his info was fatally out of date. After all Glenn just looked like a washed up bum substitute teacher to the outside world, and his students helpless beginners. Plus they are probably only used to kidnapping sick imoutos from hospital and threatening them for ransom. It’s hard to get good quality villainous help these days….

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