DanMachi Gaiden: Sword Oratoria – 01 (First Impressions)

This spin-off of the original DanMachi follows the powerful sword princess Ais Wallenstein, newbie mage-with-potential Lefiya Viridis, and the rest of Loki Familia as they explore Level 50 of the Dungeon below the city of Orario.

Lefiya’s mentor, fellow mage Riviera Ljos Alf, wants her protege to get some practical experience on the front line in order to build up some nerve to go with her magical potential. Ais and the Amazon twins Tiona and Tione bail Lefiya out, to the chagrin of their comrade Bete.

The Familia runs into a foe they’d never before encountered on the boundary between Levels 50 and 51: colossal caterpillars spewing highly caustic acid. The party’s heavies sweep into action to relieve their less powerful comrades, only to find their conventional attacks aren’t that effective.

Riviera again charges Lefiya with performing the incantation that will summon the magic that will turn the tide of the battle, which is a mage’s job. That means standing there and chanting while all hell breaks loose around you, and not losing your nerve.

Lefiya…loses her nerve, so Ais has to use her Tempest ability to slice through the nearest caterpillars. Bete uses some of her power to make his kicks stronger, and Tione, tied up with caterpillar tongues, gets pissed off and tears her captors apart, with no regard for the integrity of her skin.

After that, Riviera herself chants a long and grandiloquent incantation that serves as a coup-de-grace or overkill move, mopping up the remaining caterpillars. With a number of injuries and no idea what else is beyond, their leader Finn orders a retreat for now.

Up at Level 17, a huge force of Minotaurs busts out of the walls, but they’re essentially small-fry to the higher-level adventurers like Tiona, who has a bit of fun running up to a Minotaur and icing him with one swift, brutal bicycle kick. Suffice it to say, I had no complaints about the combat animation, nor the dramatic but very appropriate battle music.

While the Minotaurs are no match for Ais or the Amazons, if any were to escape to the higher levels, it could mean big trouble for one of the lower-level adventurers, like, say…Cranel Bell! Hey, guy, wonder where you were at! It’s not his or Hestia’s story this time, however.

Instead, we see everything that led up to him being rescued by Ais…including him simply running away screaming after she did so. As Riviera said to Lefiya, Ais has problems too…they’re just different ones.

This was a solid re-introduction to the world of DanMachi and the vast and hazardous dungeon below the city of Orario. It seemed designed to shake us from our slumber by throwing us into one big battle after another, while also showing us how well-sorted Loki Familia is.

Mind you, I do miss the warm friendship between Bell and Hestia; we’ll see if Lefiya and Ais can carry a season. They certainly have plenty of supporting cast backing them up.

Author: magicalchurlsukui

Preston Yamazuka is a staff writer for RABUJOI.

4 thoughts on “DanMachi Gaiden: Sword Oratoria – 01 (First Impressions)”

  1. I actually prefer this to the original.

    While not an actual sequel I like where this is going: fully seeing the side of the Loki familia and how their characters will develop. The amazon twins are my favorite. Of course a budding relationship between Ais and the elf mage novice, Lefiya is also something worth looking forward to.

  2. Oratoria’s essentially a spinoff that serves to flesh out the Danmachi universe’s inner workings. Basically you get to see how the pros work. It does crossover with some of Danmachi’s main plot, so be prepared.

  3. This was filled with highes and lows. Lefiya is acting like a 3 year Old that has seen a a spider for the first time. They are at Level 50 and they are making the scenes with her being scared feel like they’re taking hours. Way too much focus on her dropping the ball again and again. Like she’s never seen a monster before. Ridicilous. Noone at lvl 50 in a dungeon would act like that and suddenly think about “trusting her comrades”.
    DanMachi is one of My favorite animes of all time and Lefiya ruined this otherwise stellar return of Ais and company.
    Everyone else was excellent and all other scenes were wonderful. I just hope there will be less Lefiya in the future or that she grows up really fast because that kind of scaredness was so unrealistic it was almost unbearable.
    *end of rant*

    1. I assume she’ll grow up and be less scared, but I doubt we’ll see less of her, as she’s billed as a main character beside Ais (who was her usual excellent badass self, as were Tione and Tiona). I do think they really hiked up Bete’s annoyance as a kind of audience surrogate, as he never failed to voice his disgust that she was in the party, and thought Ais and Riviera were wasting their time with such “pathetic small fry”.

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