Re:Creators – 01 (First Impressions)

The Gist: Souta Mizushino has pretensions of being a creator. He has the software to draw and sources of inspiration litter the room and world around him, but the spark hasn’t quite hit. He’s only a high school student after all.

Then, while watching the most popular anime of the season on his tablet, he finds himself transported into that world. Right in the middle of a fight that is not going well for show heroine Celestia Yupitilia and her ornate mecha. But the enemy isn’t what Celestia has come to expect from her world and, eventually noticing Souta, they aren’t in her world for very long.

Back on Earth, neither character quite knows how to act. Celestia quickly understands that, to some degree, she is a fictional character and, to some degree, Souta is not responsible for whatever has happened. Just ask quickly, her previous opponent has joined them on Earth and clearly has a grander understanding of what is going on.

Mystery, car chases, a third fictional character with magic rocket launchers appears, and a trip to the convenience store ensues. This. Show. Rocks.

You absolutely should watch this show because it takes all the conventions that could be cliché and does them so right. While we don’t know what exactly is going on and how, there’s a strong implication that human creation is the source of other worlds where people face the triumphs and hardships we imagine, and that even though magic from that world can carry over to our own, Souta himself (and humans in general) are not gifted with magical properties. Nor does Souta get the Re:Zero / Konosuba other-world adventure.

Souta describes himself as the Narrator and, right from the get go,  Re:Creators makes the point that this is the story as he remembers it, full of consequences, action, and thought.

But what really lofts Souta and Celestia above high above expectations is how they respond to their situation visually and through dialog. Anime is full of confused male leads who just repeat whatever ‘unexpected thing’ they hear right back as a question, and confused leads who ask idiotic questions or take an absurd amount of time to accept what is going on around them.

Sure, Souta spends a lengthy walk with his mouth hanging open in shock with a confused look, and has no particular goal moving forward, but he gets what’s going on around him, which lets the world show itself to us, without being overly expositioned in the process.

Celestia fares about the same, processing the evidence she sees and moving through a range of reasonable emotional and tactical responses until some of it is obvious. Her behavior just makes sense, and that makes me tremendously happy as a viewer.

The Verdict: Solid writing, fantastic voice work and music, extreme density of content (especially in the epilogue-as-prologue, where a mysterious girl commits suicide by train), and top shelf animation put this very very close to a perfect 10. It only falls short in comparison to my other 10s (Re:Zero’s emotional roller coaster or the pure splendor of Fate or the originality of FLCL). Give it time though, it may just get there.

For now, go right now and watch it!

7 thoughts on “Re:Creators – 01 (First Impressions)”

  1. You lucky bastard! XD

    An impressive start, to be sure. I love how elegantly one is thrust into this world, and more importantly, how it isn’t the MC being thrown into a fantasy world, but fantasy characters being thrown into his. It’s a great inversion of the Re:Zero, et al premise, and it’s helped by being absolutely fantastic looking and sounding throughout.

    Komatsu Mikako and Toyosaki Aki play their anime roles to the hilt. The anime-within-an-anime doesn’t even sound half-bad, and it was a gloriously meta episode all around. Like the MC, I often check websites waiting for the latest episode of my favorite show to drop. The idea that the real world is basically the land of the gods to characters in works of fiction is not a new idea, but nearly perfectly executed here.

    The attention to detail is fantastic, and the moments of fish-out-of-water humor, be it the car chase or the 7-Eleven scene, are really well done. It’s still too early, but if the show can maintain this level of excellence for 22 episodes, we will indeed have ourselves a top show of the season.

    And I don’t care what anyone says, Elemental Symphony of Vogelchevalier is one badass anime title.

  2. This has caught my interest! The fun premise aside, I find that the execution was pretty well done. I liked how the characters tried to adapt to the situation as fast as possible. The scene with Selesia driving the car was full of nice touches. The way she figured out how it worked so quickly but ignored all the traffic laws, and the way she naturally assumed there would be a weapon were both good haha.

    There are a lot of questions the anime raises that I would like to see. What exactly is the relationship of the characters and their Creators? How much power do Creators have if their characters have manifested in the real world? A whole host of areas to explore are opened up.

    I’m guessing Souta is actually also a creator. Heck he might even be the master of the antagonist in a weird time travel way.

    1. close. especially the flying fight in the middle-end of the episode. however the color range and lighting aren’t as precise and fate really benefitted by the extended length opening episode.

  3. I also think that souta is creator as well.. specially in that moment when souta make an eye to eye contact with the enemy, I think their is something. also when he was about to explain his connection with her it was interrupted. hmmmnn….

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