Frame Arms Girl – 01 (First Impressions)

The Gist: Ao, a high school girl living alone, receives an 8 inch tall fighting girl robot with the artificial intelligence equivalent of a 10 year old. The robot instructs her on the ways of cutting out plastic model kits and then two more robot girls show up and then there’s a VR fight, which the first robot wins with Ao’s help. Then Ao is convinced she should let them stay in her apartment and fight… for pay! (but first, she’s late for school)

You may be into Frame Arms Girl if you collect models or enjoy scantly clad girls wearing armor and weapons. It looks nice enough, if a little silly, even in motion and the voice work is acceptable. (I especially enjoyed the idiotic shout out to the brand of clippers Ao uses to trim her robot’s parts of the spru and that, because she doesn’t trim them correctly, her robot does worse in battle)

You may want to skip Frame Arms Girl because there is no way this is going to work for most people for an entire season. The absurd nature of basically watching a commercial for collectibles, wrapped in a fantasy where they are life like and interact with you, seen through the lens of a girl who doesn’t really care and doesn’t seem to leave her apartment much, has nothing to work with.

Sprinkle on the paper thin ‘the robot may learn emotions over time’ cliche and you’ll probably want to gouge your own eyes out by the 4th episode. (with premium clippers no less)

The verdict: I can not stress how impressed I am that Frame Arms Girl isn’t completely terrible. I found it very watchable despite not finding any of the content compelling. Despite having worked in the toy industry — in collectibles no less — I’m not familiar with this particular brand and my wife swears she will kill me if I put any more stacks of plastic sprus in our basement. (So I have no reason to want to look into it more)

The only obvious visual flaw is Ao herself, who doesn’t seem to be rendered ‘looking’ at the robots. This really undermines the believability of the space but I’m not sure that matters, since Ao doesn’t directly interact with the robots in the first place…

Ultimately, I will not be reviewing it this season but you can probably do worse than giving the first episode a shot.


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  1. This seems to be Kotobukiya’s (the toymaker) answer to the successful Gundam Build Fighters series. The one thing I see going against it is that GBF has a whole franchise behind it to, ahem, play with. Koto’s FAG is a rather young toyline (no more than two years old, I think) and is a spinoff of their Frame Arms series of robot model kits (which is itself relatively new compared to Gundam, just 7 years old). I guess the reason they didn’t go with the main FAG line instead is that it would just end up being too generic.

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