Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans – 47

This is an episode of small consolations and comforts before the apparent End of Everything arrives in the form of a Gjallarhorn mop-up crew (including but mercifully not led by Iok). The Mars branch of Gjallarhorn won’t join forces with McGillis and Orga, but they will overlook their arrival and claim ignorance as to their whereabouts. Like so much that happens, it just isn’t enough.

Mikazuki, perhaps sensing the end of Tekkadan as they know it, literally stops to smell the flowers at Sakura Farm. Once all the news outlets start proclaiming Tekkadan as a brutal criminal organization led by the rogue McGillis, who Iznario now claims was never his legitimate child or heir, even Biscuit’s twin sisters get ostracized at school.

Acknowledging that his promises of a better life came to nothing, and that with Tekkadan’s assets frozen, he can’t even pay his people well, or at all, Orga has an all-hands, and says anyone who wants to leave won’t be stopped, nor will less be thought of them. Obviously, Voice of Reason Zack is the first to volunteer to split.

He certainly wants to save his own skin, but we see how it pains him to no end that hardly anyone else has the same good sense to know that the end has already arrived, and there’s nothing to “give up.”

Of course, Zack still can’t understand that so many Tekkadan members like Dane don’t have the life fallbacks he enjoys. Dane is a murderer; Tekkadan was the only organization that let him in.

Kudelia calls her odd but sweet triangle with Mika and Atra “awkward”, and she’s not wrong, especially when Atra, who has already tried to conceive with Mika (off-camera, natch) and is waiting to see “if it went well”, enthusiastically asks her to have a baby with Mika as well.

She has to settle for another group hug, the first, and possibly last one in a long time, and Kudelia’s promise that she’ll protect them: Mika, Atra, and the baby, with everything she’s got.

Orga, who has reverted back to old All On Me Mode, calls McMurdo to beg him to put him in touch with Rustal so he can beg him to spare his men in exchange for his life. But Rustal has all the cards and needs a scapegoat to raise Gjallarhorn back up into a place of legitimacy. Orga alone won’t be enough, no matter how awfully they kill him.

After the pathetic call that gets him nowhere, Eugene tries to shake some more sense out of him, and glimmers of hope start to appear towards the end of the episode, as Dexter and Merribit are able to scounge up a fifth of Tekkadan’s funds from secret unfrozen accounts. Kudelia adds to the hope by suggesting everyone in Tekkadan simply take on new identities, evacuate to Earth, and live on, leaving Mars behind but saving their lives.

But all of those little glimmers are quickly stomped on by the arrival of the Gjallarhorn task force, which surrounds Tekkadan HQ. All communications in and out of HQ are cut off, including, presumably, what’s left of their cash. Just like that, a jumping-off point for a future of peace becomes a siege that could consume everyone. At best, many more members of Tekkadan will die if anyone is to escape.

But hey…at least Macky has Bael, right?

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3 thoughts on “Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans – 47”

  1. The plan to run away was never going to work. You really think Rustal, the king of making people disappear can’t go the opposite direction and find people again? Especially with all of Gjallarhorn behind him? They were never going to escape this fight. And honestly running away would be spitting in the face of those who gave their lives so that Tekkadan could go forward. Shino, Naze, Amida, they died so that Tekkadan could have a brighter future, not so they could go run and hide.
    At least Macky looks like he might have a plan. And Iok is going to be facing McGillis next week. Let’s see if we can finally get Iok to die this time.

  2. I like how this has come full circle. The series opened up with Tekkadan making a daring stand to try and seek a brighter future, and now the climax happens in the place where it all started, with them once again backed into the corner and with that bright future now in shambles.

    I really feel for Orga. You can’t blame the guy for making that decision, considering all that has happened and now that they are pretty much on the wall. Too bad Rustal isn’t ruthless for nothing. That smug smile on McGillis’ face definitely seems to indicate that he was the one who secretly arranged for Tekkadan to be cornered in their HQ. Whether this is just for them to become sacrificial pawns (if they haven’t already) for him, or is part of a grand trap to get them all out to victory is definitely up for grabs.

    And, oh boy, Mika casually telling Kudelia that he and Atra already had sex and are trying to conceive a child together was a needed hilarity here. And it offers some glimmer of hope that there is at least going to be some bit of happy ending here.

    That hug scene was also amusing, with Mika actually being the one noting that they haven’t done this sort of thing in a long while, showing how much he has come to cherish their bonds. And I don’t know why some people don’t like it, but the Atra-Mika-Kudelia triangle has always fascinated me. Sure, this doesn’t have the typical bitter rivalry of usual love triangles, but the decision to make Atra and Kudelia into close friends and bond sisters pining for the same guy actually gave this a more emotional run thanthe melodrama that could have come out from being better rivals. Also, this isn’t a triangle anymore. Kudelia has pretty much given way to Atra early this season and now sees herself as a guardian to protect her friendss’ incoming life as a family.

    1. There are some people suggesting that the forces at the end are actually ones that he scrounged up for Tekkadan to use. People forget that he also had Montag corporation as well as his Gjallarhorn resources. So, he could use that as well.

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