Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon – 09

The Gist: Kana’s school is hosting a field-sports episode and it takes a few quiet but thoughtful character developments for Kobayashi to choose to attend. The day itself sees Shouta consistently win because of Boob-dragon-chan, Riko orgasm at almost every moment of contact with Kana, and Kana’s team ultimately wins through group spirit.

Meanwhile, Elma can’t decide which food/drink she wants in three short segments and Lord Fafnir isn’t even in the episode.

The Verdict: Dragon Maid lands another successful slice of life outing framed loosely by the trappings of the school-sports-day/fair cliche. The fact that it teases out some emotional growth from Kobayashi in the process, while keeping Kana both childlike and understated, was pretty impressive.

On the Downside? It’s also pretty good for a late pre-final conflict arc filler episode… but it’s still a pre-final conflict fill episode. There’s no indication that we will learn anything about Tohru’s grim-dark backstory, nor is any conflict set up to be resolved.

Still, subtle feel good vibes go a long way in it’s favor.



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  1. Some people have called Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon a harem show. I dont think it has ever been that. For me this is a show about family, more specifically a show what it takes to keep family and friendships going. This episode was a good example of that I thought.
    And it’s funnier when Mr Fafnir is around too

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