Demi-chan wa Kataritai – 09

demichan9bI’m not sure the dog cookies are a joke… but they sure got an oddly specific bit of screen time without explanation!

The Gist: This week is all about Demi-chans taking control over their demi-abilitites. Detective-kun convinces Sexy-sensei that its finally time to make a move on Sensei-sensei, which will require her to actually understand how her effect works. Later, Snow-chan experiments with drama as a vehicle to make the air cooler and summer more bearable. Finally, Headless-chan experiments with… her ability to tell ghost stories where her head can be used as a prop.

In two out of three cases, Sensei-sensei helps the demi in question with the experiment and in all three cases, the experiments are not entirely successful, although they do lift each demi’s spirits. (and, in Sexy-sensei’s case, give Sensei-sensei a boner)

demichan9atalking about sex appeal with graphs is god damn sexy!

The Verdict: what separates this weeks uneventfulness from previously less exciting uneventfulness was probably a matter of subjective taste. Each sub-section had a little bit more variety than usual (both visually, and in that they were not all about a demi trying to join Sensei-sensei’s harem) and the over all theme of taking control was more consistently delivered across the episode. In short, I respond positively to consistent, nuanced and varied structure in narratives and so I responded positively to this particular episode.

Overall, your milage with Demi-chan remains tied to how much you enjoy its quippy humor, which is tightly written, against how much you care that it’s not really about anything, narratively. There are no stakes, after all, and the structure is more didactic/expositional of the world, than it is a true slice of life.

This week’s humor was just a little quippier, such as when Snow-chan’s quips of Headless-chan x Vampi go ignored by the group, or how warmly Sensei-sensei is internally aware of how he should respond to Snow-chan’s terrible acting. Tight, charming, and better than ‘good enough.’ Go watch!