Little Witch Academia – 07


The Gist: In a desperate attempt to turn her grades around and not get expelled, Akko ‘treats’ Professor Pisces to water only the finest of celebrities drink. Of course mineral water is a terrible thing to pour into a tropical fish tank and, all too soon, Akko has ‘flushed’ the professor into the sewer and a grade-saving adventure!

Along the way, Akko learns to speak Fish, save an endangered species from a poacher, improve on her polymorphing skills, and win the grudging recognition of the faculty (and not get expelled, obviously).


This week finally nailed a slice-of-life tone for LWA. The supporting cast members received balanced screen time, spread across Akko’s many classes. Lotte and Sucy were the consistent observers, which is the role they fit best structurally, and the scenes felt full and fit together in a way that made Akko’s world feel lived in.

But, above all else, that world was finally fun again. From slapstick to a silent ‘talking’ character, the humor was perfectly timed and delightfully absurd. I absolutely died when Megumi Han delivered Akko’s sobbing response to flushing her teacher down the drain.

The Verdict: This is LWA doing the right things – being fun, upbeat, unexpected and bizarre. Sure, it could benefit from an overarching plot for the cast to focus on but, as long as it keeps Sucy and Lotte by Akko’s side (but not crowding her spotlight) and keeps the weird fun rolling, I don’t mind.


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  1. Agree with ya fully Franklin: last week with the magic haters was a bit of a drag, but this episode was a return to the whimsical fun. I also think this was Professor Ursula’s (AKA Secret Shiny Chariot’s) best episode yet.

    Her story is starting to take shape: disouraged exhausted by her celebrity and all the negative attention it garnered, Chariot sought solace in the place where her dreams first took shape, Luna Nova. So she became quiet, meek Ursula, keeping her nose down and teaching the next generation of witches.

    She never expected a student as devoted to her old schtick as Akko to appear. Nor that Akko would never deviate from her dream to become the next Chariot, despite lacking the same magical ability Chariot had at her age.

    Nevertheless, Ursula has taken a shine to Akko and her seemingly bottomless moxie, to the point she does everything she can to help Akko succeed. She’s not giving up on her the way other professors have.

    When circumstances still conspire to expel her, Ursula regains her old fire in a forceful defense that also criticizes the other professors’ tendency to unfairly compare Akko, a true novice, against students who have grown up with magic.

    Akko was in the spotlight this week, and the pressure was on her like never before—as it should be—but it should be noted that she is also inspiring her own childhood hero to believe that Akko could be a great witch, if only given the chance.

    1. I get this weird vibe that Akko is somehow related to Chariot. Something about their eyes? (also god damn I can not not read Chariot as Charolette!!!)

  2. I really wish this episode came in 2-3 episodes earlier. The series wants us to root for Akko as she grows from inept witch to a capable one. But she stayed in the inept side a tad too long in the previous episodes, This hurts the impact of the episode a bit.

    Another problem the series has is that it can’t quite get the theme of “the place of magic in the modern world” off the ground fully. Characters keep saying that magic is an antiquated art, yet the setting depicts it as a booming one. So, which is which?

    1. Magic looks antiquated to most people because the witches are antiquated. Note how one of the teachers dropped Constance’s score because she believes a robot isn’t a useful thing. It’s because witches are like this that magic hasn’t evolved and become useful for human society at large.

      There’s nothing wrong with the show’s treatment of this theme. You just have to understand all the contact with magic most normal people have is through the witches. That’s why if the witches’ practices are antiquated and outdated, magic is gonna be seen this way as well.

      1. I very much understand that. The problem is that LWA doesn’t really explain why the larger world views magic as outdated. For instance, Lotte mentions that people think that repairing things with magic is outdated, but the show never expounds on why that is the case. This pretty much goes back to the previous episodes,, such as that of Andrew. Also, that scene with Constanze doesn’t really demonstrate “antiquated” thinking on the part of the professor. She was simply asking for immediate practicality, which is itself not an outdated idea.

      2. A robot is plenty practical in modern society. The fact the witch can’t understand that shows how outdated they are. The show doesn’t need to spoon feed the viewer. It’s just a matter of understanding that what most people see as magic is actually witches using magic, not magic itself. That’s why, if the witches are outdated and antiquated, then people are gonna consider magic outdated and antiquated. Magic is just a means to an end, after all. What matter is how it’s used. So the ones at fault are the witches who haven’t made a proactive effort to make magic more useful and relevant in human society at large.

        There’s no need for more explanation. It’s a pretty clear plot line. The people see magic as obsolete because the witches are outdated and obsolete. Akko will become a witch more attuned to modern society and will show people a different side of magic.

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