Demi-chan wa Kataritai – 07


The Gist: This week introduces Kurtz and Ugaki, a missmatched pair of demi-division police. Kurtz is a half-german high schooler who may be immune to Sakie’s lust-touch. Beyond his inability to lie believably, the only notable thing he does is confront shark-fin-hair kid about a sexy photo of Sakie…

Ugaki is a gruff old detective who sees the world as mellowing out. He father’s Sakie a bit, or pushes her to talk about forming a relationship, but later expositions to Sensei that this is mostly an interrogation technique. Ultimately, he needs to be able to pre-judge if a succubus is guilty of her own public molestation or not… which is kinda creepy?

The plot is all over the place, and it’s never really explained why Kurtz is working for the police. It’s not really explained why Ugaki took such a liking to Sakie either.


The Verdict: Sakie is Demi-chan’s least interesting character, this week’s focus on her bashful man hunger was no better than usual. Worse, while Ugaki added a bit of world building via his lengthy smoking room scene, he didn’t add anything we would care about as viewers. (no new information about the main characters of the show)

The only item I can praise was Kurtz sudden wall-jump cross-kick to Ugaki. It was well animated, if not unexplained and added nothing to the plot.

I just feel drained, maybe to the point of hatred, forcing myself to watch this show. Unless next week dramatically turns things around, this will be the last review I can muster.


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