ACCA: 13-ku Kansatsu-ka – 06


If it were one of many other slow-burn shows, I might be itching for something to happen already near the show’s midpoint (assuming this only gets 13 eps – I may be wrong), even to the point of starting to hand out 7’s for lack of forward momentum.

And yet, ACCA continues to avoid such scrutiny with its unassuming, calm, quiet competence, all but unique this Winter as a show all about stopping to smell the roses…or freshly-baked bread.


One of the most eventful things to happen happens right at the start, where Jean not only goes up to Grossular, but tells him he knows he’s being followed, denies any involvement in a coup, and expresses his certainty Gross isn’t involved either. Grossular, after all, was the ACCA officer in Rokkusu who made things right when a horrific train accident claimed, among many others, Jean and Lotta’s parents.

Jean meets Mauve at the bakery, but claims to have “nothing of note” to report to her. If he’s trying to stay in the director-general’s good graces, he could have at least told her about the attempted coup in Suitsu. I’d say that was pretty “of note.” Mauve immediately starts to doubt Jean’s usefulness…and loyalty.


Things largely quiet down from there, as both the show, the nation of Dowa, and most of its inhabitants kick back and enjoy a New Year’s shindig in Jean and Lotta’s apartment building.

We learn about the businessmen Jean seems to help out during his auditing duties, and Lotta receives a cake from Rail, only for Owl to give her another cake minutes later.


People seem drawn to Lotta, but there’s still no indication she’s anyone super-special…yet (the flashbacks also seem to eliminate some possibilities in that arena).

Officers note that the start of ACCA’s hundredth year in operation isn’t all that different from the start of previous years. Mauve has a pretty standard speech at an all-hands, and that’s pretty much it.


Something notable does happen: Grossular joins the other four Top 5 officers in their common room, to ask Lilium why he leaked Crow to Jean. Lilium wanted Jean “to do something,” and while Gross may be right that such an action was reckless, Lilium does seem to win the argument by calling for a meeting of the five to discuss what Gross knows and how they’ll proceed together, no longer unilaterally. He gets that meeting; it should be a good one.


Jean then heads to Hare, the tropical district where the ACCA uniforms are short-sleeved and informal and the district inhabitants live the longest lives in the nation, and live life with gusto accordingly.

After striking out with Mauve last time, Jean redoubles his efforts to get something, anything out of Hare’s chiefs. Yet, when he goes to meet Mauve at the bakery, she’s not there. Is it too late?

After Hare (one of Jean’s shorter audits), Jean heads to Dowa again, this time for an audit. Prince Schwan continues to try to force his grandfather’s hand in subtle ways like hanging his portrait in a place he spends lots of sittin’ time. Perhaps Jean will get more juicy info in Dowa.


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3 thoughts on “ACCA: 13-ku Kansatsu-ka – 06”

  1. It was an enjoyable outing about reassuring that Jean realizes he needs to pick up the pace and start learning about the Coup. That’s a nice reflection for the audience. However, some of this week’s monologging made me a bit nervous that Jean is less mysterious rather… vapid? If he’s truly being swept along by the world without purpose or strong observation, that’s not an especially compelling viewpoint :(

    1. Your last line called to mind Forrest Gump, a film that was critically acclaimed but which I have still not seen. Forrest is described as “slow-witted”, and more an observer of important events than active in them.

      Jean’s job is to make sure ACCA branches nationwide are working smoothly, not up to anything too untoward, and living up to the organization’s credo: to protect and benefit the people.

      Jean’s parents were killed by the failures of the previous regional system, and while people can debate whether centralized systems work better, ACCA certainly seems to in this instance, with two years of accident-free public transport.

      Jean has a job that gives him the benefit of traveling across a still very fragmented country and seeing things few others are able to, but it’s also a life that can leave one un-moored and, by necessity, at a remove from everything, which is why his cozy scenes back home with Lotta (and Niino) are so grounding.

      We’re not yet 100% sure Jean isn’t involved in anything, but while that’s looking less likely by the week, I’m still enjoying the journey, and not overly concerned with the destination…this Odyssey of a Civil Servant.

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