Demi-chan wa Kataritai – 06


The Gist: Sensei visits Hikari’s house to meet her parents and eat dinner. Then he inadvertently worries Hikari’s sister when he ponders that Hikari may ask for hair-dressing-help because vampires can not see their shadows.

Then he falls asleep in his office (sorta) and headless-chan pets him on the head while Hikari’s stay-at-home-dad watches. Whee!


When all is said and done, this episode’s main themes are family accepting diversity and how adversity can effect a person and the community around them.

In one example, Hikari’s dad gave up his career to make sure a parent could always be there to help her and he and Hikari’s sister both lighten their hair to make her naturally blond vampire hair less out of place amongst the family.


That may sound like deep stuff, and Demi-chan actually manages to tackle those topics with a pleasant sincerity, but it does so primarily by showing us two sisters bicker playfully about keeping blood in the refrigerator, eating ice cream, and being lazy.

Also, Horny-chan continues her running gag of thinking Sensei isn’t turned of by her magic horny-maker. Whee!


The Verdict: If not for Hikari and Sensei’s endearing banter, this week would’ve been hard to watch. Not only was it narratively slow, but there was little action. And by little, I mean the characters spent the majority of the episode sitting in place, tightly framed, with not but drab colors around them. That banter though:

“Sensei! Say something to this cold hearted woman!”

“It’s important to question the rules but you should really stick to the rules you set for yourself.”

“The gentle way he worded that stabbed me right through the heart!”

“…why do all your idioms involve blood??”

So good! (editor’s note: your milage may vary)