Demi-chan wa Kataritai – 05


The Gist: Kusakabe’s hangups are explained. (She feared the power of her freezing abilities because she created ice in a hot tub) Fortunately, Takahashi-sensei determines she simply sweats from her feet when she is stressed out and that sweat is ‘cold sweat.’ After the reveal, everyone is happy and Kusakabe even invites shark-head boy out.

The Verdict: There were a few cute moments, like Hikari obsessively biting people and the conversation about Takahashi being referred to as ‘sensei’ by everyone, but the structure was too safe. Kusakabe’s conflict was especially underwhelming, as it was resolved too simplistically for the two weeks of build up.

Maybe that’s the point? That these are high school students are their ‘problems’ are never nearly as dire as they think but… that’s not a very interesting point to make. It certainly isn’t an interesting point to make with the demi-human gimmick of the show.